Discover the difference between 7 types of bongs, and why you might choose one over the other.

 Looking to spice up your smoke sessions? There’s no better way to change it up than with a shiny new bong. Not only are bongs a healthier alternative to joints, they’re also one of the best ways to efficiently smoke your stash. There are many types of bongs available with different purposes, but at its core, a bong functions as a filtration device. You can find bongs made from glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, and the list goes on. We’re here to walk you through the different types of bongs and their use. 

First, we’ll run through a few different materials bongs are made of:


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Glass is most the most popular material to make bongs out of. Its natural transparency makes it very easy to clean and the neutral quality of glass doesn’t affect the smoke flavour. It’s the quintessential look and feel of a bong. The downside of glass is it tends to fall on the expensive side. Depending on the type of bong and glass, it will take you back anywhere from $30-$200. Although glass has a very beautiful finish, they tend to be more fragile. This means you’ll need to be extra aware when you’re high. Overall, you can’t go wrong with a classic glass bong. 


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Plastic is perfect if you’re testing out the bong experience. It’s a durable material and you don’t have to break the bank. It’s a cheaper alternative and you’ll find one on average for $20. Because of its strong durability, you don’t have to worry when transporting it or if you’re laughing hysterically with friends. Because of its affordability, there are a couple of drawbacks. Plastic occasionally affects the smoke’s taste, but this isn’t always the case. It mostly depends on how frequent the bong has been used and the quality of the plastic. But, aside from this, plastic bongs are the way to go for the financially conscious. 


You tend to get more creative and unique shapes in ceramic bongs because of clay’s malleability. This is where you see more colour and extravagance in bongs. It’s the perfect decorative piece and will up your home’s aesthetic. Ceramic, much like glass, is more on the expensive side. Its beauty usually surpasses both glass and plastic, but is the most fragile of all bong types. For this reason, ceramic acts more as a secondary bong for special use. 

Next, we’ll review the different styles of bongs to gauge what makes the most sense for you. 

Carburetor Bong

There are two types of bongs: carburetors or non carburetor. A carburetor bong essentially means you have a hole somewhere on the bong. Once you’ve inhaled your bowl, the hole is used to inhale an additional burst of air. Carburetors are not integral to a bong’s design, but it is a nice touch for a stronger and more impactful hit. 

Tube Bongs (straight, beaker, round)

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Tube bongs are the most simple in design. The structure consists of a tubed top with varying bottoms and a stem to place your bowl. The bottoms vary in styles from straight (which follow the same tubular design), beaker (which has a triangular structure), and round (which is spherical in shape). It’s a very straight-forward type of bong—you add water from the top, pack your bowl in the stem and smoke. No fuss. 

Sometimes tube bongs have an additional feature called an ice catcher. The ice catcher looks like little spikes in the tube which holds ice. This allows for a frigid and refreshing pull. 

Multi-Chamber Bong

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In a multi-chamber bong, the tube is split into different compartments. These chambers act as an additional form of filtration. In comparison to a tube bong, which holds water at its base, a multi-chamber bong holds water at the base and in the additional compartments. With the double filtering process you receive a much cleaner and smoother hit. Multi-chambers offer one of the cleanest tokes you’ll take but their downside is ease of cleaning. Due to the complexity of its structure, the cleaning process is quite difficult. But with patience, a multi-chamber bong can be one of the best smoking experiences you’ll have. 

Percolator Bong

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This type of bong contains a very special compartment called a percolator. It’s a piece of glass embedded within the tube that dissipates smoke as you inhale. The dissipation process occurs before filtration through water and causes a bubbling effect in the bong. Because of this, it creates a smoother inhalation. Much like the multi-chamber bong, it provides a very clean smoking experience, but cleaning the actual bong is rather difficult. But if you can get past the cleaning and the higher price tag, you won’t be disappointed. 

Each and every bong has its pros and cons. But if you’re looking to up your smoking experience, you definitely need to add a bong to your repertoire. Different types of bong each have a unique cleaning experience but feat now, we’ve got you covered with an article to walk you through that process. Happy smoking and enjoy responsibly! 

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