If you want to make the most of the upcoming potent lunar phase, hold yourself a DIY ritual and incorporate some herb to amp up the magic.

Tuesday, May 29th at 10:20 AM EST is a full moon in Sagittarius. This early summer moon is called the Full Flower moon, after the period of increasing fertility and plants in bloom. Romance! If you want to make the most of this potent lunar phase, hold yourself a DIY ritual and incorporate some herb to amp up the magic.

First of all, why have a full moon ritual? Rituals (any set of actions with a symbolic meaning, like, setting a table for dinner, doing Sunday meal prep, rolling a perfect joint and smoking it in the bath on a Friday night), have a causal impact on our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Rituals allow us to compartmentalize time, create ‘milestones,’ and ultimately, give us a greater sense of power over our lives. Honouring the full moon with one lets us symbolically align with nature and benefit from it’s energies (think: work with not against nature). 

When the moon is peak full, this is when the tides increase and certain species actually start mating more. For us, it’s prime-time for manifesting. Our actions have greater impact and we’re able to see what’s been brewing under the surface. Now, we can cash in on what we started at the corresponding new moon six months earlier (this full moon’s corresponding new moon happened on Dec. 19th – so think back to what seeds you were planting then). 

It’s said that this is a powerful time of heightened psychic awareness and expansive thinking, so whether you smoke or ingest pot before, during, or after your ritual, it can help ease you into a magical state of mind and invite those intuitive hits. As a direct connection to nature, pot can be a tool in your ritual, too, just like a crystal or your favourite incense or vibey soundtrack. 

Here are some ritual actions to do with cannabis under the light of the full moon:

  • Cast a circle with your flower. Light a candle in the center and spend some time reflecting on the past 2 weeks of the first half of the lunar cycle (the new moon was May 15th). Do it in silent contemplation, or free-write about it in your journal. Then, looking forward, pinpoint what’s ready to be released.
  • Write a sigil (symbols which are each coded with a unique intention – here’s how to do one) on your papers in pencil before rolling a joint. Visualize your intention taking shape as you smoke. Or, you can simply write out your intention on the paper.
  • Write what it is you want to release – a relationship, fear, or habit that’s not serving you on a piece of hemp paper and toss it into a ‘cauldron’ (a glass bowl or abalone shell).
  • Charge your weed and your crystals under the light of the full moon (10:20 AM EST!) and smoke the night of for an extra potent cosmic blend. Just leave them outdoors in a glass bowl somewhere hidden / sheltered for as many hours as you can. 
  • Add some motherwort, an herb that’s enhance psychic awareness, into your smoke and ‘see into the future’ through the act of scrying. Like you’d look into a crystal ball to ‘see’ into the future, you can fill a bowl full of water and look into it under the moonlight and see what you can see.
  • Have a cleansing bath with crystals, wildflowers, cannabis oil or buds and imagine the energy you want to release evaporating.