Tis truly the season to lose your shit. And if you’re not losing yours, you’re witnessing everyone around you losing theirs. This is a super high-energy time that rocks even the most centred of us off balance. Here’s some grounding mantras to keep you chill af this season, no matter your sign.

You don’t have to be celebrating Christmas / Hanukkah / any holiday season at all to be feeling the insanely funky energy that’s all around us right now. People, basically everywhere, are freaking out trying to find the perfect gifts – relationships are on the line, money’s tight, blood sugar is spiked and hangovers are rampant. Tis truly the season to lose your shit. And if you’re not losing yours, you’re witnessing everyone around you losing theirs. This is a super high-energy time that rocks even the most centred of us off balance. When that moment comes, call to mind this fortifying mantra built for your sign:

Aries: “Change starts in me.”

You are a cardinal sign with an innate talent for starting things. When you’re in your power, you’re passionate, courageous and influential. When you’re not, things can turn self-destructive fast. So when a stressful or annoying situation arises, Aries, take a breath and remember how powerful you are. Decide what needs to be changed – even if it’s as subtle as your commute route, or the way your morning meetings run, and begin to make it happen.

Taurus: “People notice my beauty because I notice my beauty.”

You are a skilled creator with a knack for noticing beauty and quality craftsmanship in the world. You thrive on possibility and luxury – so recognizing these (or their seeds) in your life, is important. What you focus on expands, Taurus, so focus on the real, actual beauty around as you see and feel it.

Gemini: “Simplify”

On their rougher days, Gemini can struggle with indecision. On good days, they emanate an enthusiasm for life that’s infectious. Gemini, forgive the idea that simplicity is boring or underwhelming – simplicity is like, choosing quality over quantity. It’s choosing now – this – not ‘something else.’ You’re are a master recalibrator. What can you do in this moment to make it become exactly what you need?

Cancer: “I am always at home in myself.”

You are deeply intuitive and feeling, but you can’t make the most of that superpower when you’re focused on the stress or turmoil around you. You make the most of your magic when you look within. You are naturally guided by your heart, Cancer, and this is lucky. Bring your conscious attention to it’s messages and know that you are supported by them, if you allow yourself to be.

Leo: “I am bright.”

When you’re in your power Leo, your heart is as big and warm as a bonfire. You light up a room and people gravitate to you. But when you second-guess yourself or get lost in your thoughts, you turn dark and gloomy. Know that your self-acceptance is the difference between being present and not. Your power is always here, in the moment. Feel your fire and know it’s OK. Give of yourself. 

Virgo: “I am not defined by other people’s expectations of me.”

You are the hard-working healer of the zodiac, Virgo, it’s in your nature to want to be of service however the situation may call for it – and you’ll likely know what it needs. This doesn’t mean though that you have to let others call the shots. Know thyself, and you’ll know thy value.

Libra: “What if everything happened for a reason?”

Libra, you are the keeper of the scales – the balancer, and the beautifier of the zodiac. You bring people together and break down the barriers between them. When times get tough over the holidays, just for a moment imagine the possibility that there really is a plan to all of this, and that you’re being guided by something greater than you. This is about strengthening your faith – the key tool that will support your natural talents.

Scorpio: “Life itself is a practice.”

You feel things deeply and intensely – you live to experience emotion, and you connect with people in the same way. When things get real this holiday, know that you don’t have to ‘pass any tests’ with perfect performance. Far from it. What you need to do is be authentic and remain in your truth. This is a practice – your challenges are your teachers. Know you’re doing the right thing by remaining true to yourself.   

Sagittarius: “My individuality is the key to freedom.”

You’re the most philosophical of the fire signs, and the way you express your individuality is a portrayal of your personal mission statement, in a way. You’re apt to wear your soul on your sleeve in a sense, and this is a powerful tool. If you ever feel misunderstood in your community or your social circle, know that your individuality is what will eventually lead you to find the light. Trust yourself.

Capricorn: “Quality over quantity.”

During this season of excess, you’ll do well to allow your natural laser focus to lead the way. Capricorn, you are a master of self-control and during the holidays, exercising this skill (when it comes to food, gift giving, choosing celebrations, how to celebrate) will only enhance your personal power and self-love. Swim through the chaos around you like you’re headed for an X on a map.

Aquarius: “I know who I am underneath it all.”

You are the most progressive sign of the zodiac, and so being around people who are judgemental or close-minded can make you feel super alone – especially if those people are family. Aquarius, just take some time to recognize the work you’ve done up until this point to become who you are. Honour the foundation in you. That’s yours, and that’s strong. 

Pisces: “Positivity inside generates positivity outside.”

A chaotic mind isn’t supportive for dreamy and psychic pisces, who is uber-sensitive to the energy of others. Remembering that you are protected by your thoughts – which you always choose – will help you ride the energy waves around you, not drown in them. You are skilled at conjuring a certain vibe about you, so remember your personal energy is something to use, and you can focus it however you choose.

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