3 dads share how cannabis fits into their life, what they tell their kids about pot, and what they love most about being a parent.

It’s Father’s Day, and we want to send some special love to all the pot-smoking dads out there. You 4:20-friendly soldiers come up against a lot of judgement, and yes – stereotypes abound. It’s not easy being a parent, and it’s even harder in a day and age where everyone has an opinion and can share it anywhere, anytime. Here’s ours: Dad, do you. We see you, and we appreciate you. All parts of you, including your pot-smoking proclivities.

Today we’re highlighting a few men who are shaping the Canadian cannabis industry and setting an incredible example as they do it – not just as leaders in business, but as parents. Meet Corey, Tommy, Chris; men who do it all and have their priorities straight.

Chris Brown, Owner of Victor Dries Events 

Chris spends his days crafting elevated catering experiences in Toronto and beyond but apart from his passion for food, his kids are the main source of inspiration. “My kids give me motivation and drive. My perception on life completely changed when they came along and they push me to levels I never thought were achievable. Made me completely selfless.”

Cannabis can just help keep him focused on what matters in stressful times: “I do think that it helps with my patience level. To be totally honest, I consume when the kids are sleeping, but on really stressful days I might eat a couple mg’s to decompress so I can just focus on them.”

COREY HERSCU, Founder of RNMKR Agency

Corey heads up Canada’s leading cannabis communications agency, but nothing comes before his kids. “When my daughter gives me a hug and says you’re my best friend, who give a fuck about industry stuff? I never want my kids to think daddy puts work first.” He sums it up: “Nothing erases ego like becoming a parent. Nothing. It is the most humbling experience I’ve ever had. Nothing about me matters anymore.”

How pot helps with that? For Corey, it’s all about self-care. “(Pot) makes me a lot more rational and less emotionally driven. I only smoke when I’m feeling anxious, so I don’t when I’m not feeling anxious. When I do, I’ll use CBD and take my dog for a walk. I find that it helps me be a lot more in the moment with my kids and focused. I don’t get distracted. I’m able to be in the moment and engage with them.”

TOMMY STEPHENSON, CTO at TruTrace Technologies

For Tommy, who’s work is about cannabis strain verification through tech, connecting with his kids can be a creative act. “They are full of such wonder, confidence and creativity and it’s fun to talk with them about their ‘world’ and have them bring you back to reality in such a positive way. Looking at life thorough my children’s lens is the best gift ever. We will often just sit and talk while coloring, doing crafts and playing games that allow them to exercise their amazing design-driven minds.”

Cannabis can help to facilitate that connection. “It allows me to slow down and detach myself from the rest of what daily ‘adult life’ brings and really give them my undivided attention. This certainly isn’t all of the time, but when I consume cannabis and am around my children it’s time that we enjoy as a family.”

Further, Tommy advocates for open conversations within the family about cannabis and sets an example of that himself. “Given that I am deeply entrenched in the industry, I speak to them about what I do in the business… and the powerful effects that research is having on people’s lives. I think most people should take the time to talk to their children about cannabis. If we did more of this with other products I feel strongly that we’d have less issues related to overdosing and overconsumption.”

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