MGMT claim that they “didn’t know taking things on the internet was bad.”

Just this past Friday our fav psychedelic pop freaks released their 4th album in five years. Indeed, MGMT dropped their latest record, titled Little Dark Age and we’ve totally been playing it on repeat.  One album cut we can’t get out of our head is “Me and Michael,” which might be due to the fact that we’re obsessed with the matching video – or should we say videos?

Directed by Joey Frank & Randy Lee Maitland, the mini film of sorts features the MGMT boys discovering a video by the very real Filipino band True Faith. The dudes decide to rip it off and the track becomes a hit but soon enough shit hits the fan and their star fades. The video also features Michael Buscemi? In the end, alls well that ends well but we won’t give it away…

Also also also, we totally want one of those fleshy weird phone cases the duo both are using in the video. Please send.

Watch MGMT’s video for “Me and Michael” below.

+ You should totally watch the “Me & Michael” True Faith video below too cus IT’S SUCH A SOLID JAM!

Little Dark Age is out now, get it here.