Chill the heck out dude.

One always seems to want that which they cannot have, so this heat wavy week we bring you a stunningly serene video to keep you chill.

Conner Youngblood’s much anticipated debut album Cheyenne is finally coming out later this summer and thusly he’s recently shared an upcoming album cut. Titled “The Birds of Finland,” it’s a dreamy piece that would make Bon Iver jealous. Shot and edited by Johaness Muskat, the matching music video is also produced by Conner Youngblood who stars in the piece, wandering around scenic Finnish landscapes, invoking wanderlust.

As Youngblood explains…
 “I had always been in love with the idea of bird watching and had always wanted to go to Finland. It just took me writing the song first, to eventually do both of those things. Once we got the camera and a rental car, we basically made up a route across Lapland-from Finland to Norway-and tried to capture everything we encountered along the way. It was incredible and incredibly cold.”

Watch Conner Youngblood’s video for “The Birds of Finland” below.

Conner Youngblood’s new album Cheyenne comes out August 17th on Counter Records, pre-order it here.