Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve got the perfect track to add to your playlist.

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve got the perfect track to add to your playlist. Meet Audrey, otherwise known as the Emmy Award winning actress Brittany Allen, who you may know from All My Children or Bomb Girls. You can catch Allen in the next installment of the SAW franchise Jigsaw (which premieres world wide on Halloween) & get to know her first in her debut music video for her new track “The Impossible.” The track was co-produced by Blitz//Berlin alongside members of Future PEERS and the video was shot and directed in Berlin by sci-fi director Colin Minihan whilst the pair was staying at an AirBNB. As Audrey explains…

“I wrote the track from a place of looking at the world and how fucked up it all seemed to be, and wondering if it was too late to grab the attention of our complacent, self involved society and get them to KICK IT UP, actually make positive change. And then Trump was elected, and literally the night after he was, we recorded vocals, and I funnelled all my rage into the words (I think buried in the mix is a screaming FUCK TRUMP). And then my partner and I spent a month in Berlin this past winter, and there we were surrounded by all the history that city holds, a warning of what can happen when leaders are fuelled by hatred and society is complacent in following, and it seemed like everywhere you looked, there were leaders who were letting people down, and a world driven solely by the economy, moving so fast down a self-destructive path, and we just felt this madness and anger that we wanted to convey in some way. All of our bigger ideas got whittled down to kind of this core essence that lies not only in society, but within each of us, this inability or unwillingness – or fear – to speak and see the truth and the utter madness that that drives us all to, as we try to bottle it all in and pretend everything is fine.”

Isn’t real life the most scary thing? Watch Audrey’s video for “The Impossible” below.