Find out more about the women’s retreat aimed at using cannabis as a creative and spiritual tool.

Travel plans for 2018? If you’re ISO a soulful expedition to fire up your creativity and sense of connection (…and want to get high AF), take a look at what Ganga Goddess retreats is offering. This is a series of overnight retreats for women created by Bliss Edibles founder Deidra Bagdasarian that’s all about “connecting women to each other and to the [cannabis] plant.”

So, think: yoga sessions, scenic hikes, belly dancing classes, panel talks with female cannabis entrepreneurs, brownie-eating, bong-hitting… basically, it’s like stoner girl camp, but with a dose of self-improvement.

Bagdasarian says: “We want [participants] to walk away feeling like a ganja goddess, like every time they smoke weed will be a new experience for them because there will be some intention with every puff… when we use cannabis in this way, we’re taking time for ourselves and bringing an authentic love and positive approach into our lives, which we can then spread within our communities.”

So there’s a definite activist angle at play here, and if you’re a ganga-preneur, dream of being one, or just love to support those who use pot to make the world a better place, then this retreat is an investment that will inspire your whole year.

So who might you meet at a retreat? Other ganga goddesses, of course – women who use pot to connect to the divine within. All ages, all walks of life, all spiritual interests.

There are 12 events in total planned for 2018 in both California and Oregon. You can find tickets for the getaway near you, here.

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