Some new music for your weekend, including Drizzy’s return.

The true power of Drake is that he can get roasted for months on end, yet release one surprise EP and break the entire internet. The Scary Hours EP is already breaking records — “God’s Plan” had the most streams on Spotify for one song in a day — and it’s a true emblem for the beginning of the 2018 musical calendar. We’ve had our first, big surprise release, and we’re off and running with some truly sensational tracks.

Drake – Diplomatic Immunity

The b-side to “God’s Plan” is a little less grabby and a little less Instagram caption-y (we get it, people, you love your bed and your mom), but it’s the next in a line of Drake tracks that give insight into where he’s at. It’s easy to forget how Toronto’s finest changed the game when it came to introspection in rap, and “Diplomatic Immunity” is pure depth from the get-go. We’ve got lines like “word to the flags that belong in the hood of my Benz / Very presidential, I broke all the codes for zonin’ in my residential” stuck right in the middle of four minutes of chorus-less rapping. Hats off to the man, Drake raps like he still has something to prove.

James Blake – If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead

Blake’s new single is emblematic of the journey he’s been on, and is up there with his best ever. Remember, this is the guy that changed dubstep — turning those loud EDM wubs into light clicks, showing genius electronic touch on his self-titled debut LP. “If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead” takes that first album as its inspiration, with repeating lyrics, warped vocals, and a grimy beat. You also hear where Blake has arrived at too: an artist who will open for Kendrick Lamar on an upcoming tour, and a frequent collaborator with hip-hop artists du jour. The beat on this track skips in an almost trap-like fashion, and almost begs for a guest verse in its second half. Instead, an unknown singing voice appears, and rambles. The song defies expectations again, and remains fresh.

Troye Sivan – My My My!

Troye Sivan is a South African artist who’s already earned local honours as the “King of Pop”; with “My My My!”, he’s about to blow up on this side of the Atlantic too. Pure pop indulgence, the hook speaks for itself, with producer Oscar Gorres adding some nice flair with the flattened backup vocals within the beat. This isn’t far from Lorde’s best work, and belongs in that kind of alternative pop space. Listen to it once, and it’ll be in your rotation for a while.