Keep all your chill buds happy this holiday season with our stoner gift guide.

There are certain peeps in life you just need to splurge on when a holiday rolls around. Whether it’s your endlessly supportive mom-friend, your go-to advice guy, your beloved dealer, teacher, or handyman, or healer – only a gift that says, holly hell I appreciate you will do. These one-of-a kind gifts will make any stoner’s life a little more enjoyable.  

Stonedware GeoPipes (From $80.00)

These handmade porcelain pipes are designed to feel comfy in your hand and are discreet enough (at 2 X 3 inches) to go unnoticed in your apartment… they’ll look right at home in your friend’s curated place next to a terrarium or salt lamp. Get one in matte white, matte black, pink, or turquoise.

Summerland ceramic bongs ($195.00 – $250.00)

These may be the most elegant bongs you’ve ever seen – sleek ceramic beauties that’ll look dapper on a shelf and also keep clean up easy thanks to their glazed interior. They’re handmade in California, ideal for your free-spirited friend. Get one with a terracotta or monochromatic marble finish. Best news? They’re coming soon to our shop!

The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana Paperback by Jorge Cervantes ($130.00)

For the aspiring horticultualist, this is truly a bible. It’s got 27 chapters, starting at education on cannabis varieties and dealing with seedlings, all the way to cooking with cannabis. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life, right?

Shine 24K Gold Papers ($20.00)

These edible gold and hemp papers are a luxurious step up from zig zags. Because stocking stuffers don’t have to be ‘filler.’ GOLD.

THC-infused bath bombs ($9.95)

These herbal bath bombs transform your bath into an essential oil and THC-infused hug. Stellar aids for unwinding after work or getting ready to settle into a dreamy sleep. Get one in relax, relieve, sleep, or awaken blends. 

Adult Solar Onesie ($59.95)

This may well be the gift of ultimate comfort – a onesie that makes you look about as high as you are.

Boy Smells Kush candle ($48.00)

Light up this cannabis, white musk, and amber scented candle on a cold winter night and those soothing scents will help calm your nerves. (And not to mention, make your apartment smell amazing). Made with from a beeswax and coconut wax blend for a longer burn. 

Fire Kit ($150.00)

If your friend, like many of us, is of the mind that matches > lighters, buy them this brass canister full of em and they’ll never have to buy another lighter again.

Handpainted ashtray ($28.00)

For ash, roaches, palo santo, sage, tea lights… all the many burnables that need a place.

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