“Cannabis can help you experience different perspectives, or enter into a meditative headspace for ritual. We consider it a teaching tool, as it brings you to new paths of thought.”

It’s officially the witching month, and as some of us plan costumes and parties, others plan rituals and spells. To explore the ways weed finds its way into the lives and work of today’s magical practitioners, we’re chatting with a few of them this October. Prepare to see the power of this plant in a whole new way.

Green Moon Apothecary is a Canadian cannabis-friendly wellness subscription box service dreamed up by two magical women, Vanessa Neshevich and Amanda Tamane. These two have been friends for over 30 years, and together, they inject a lot of love into their themed subscription boxes. If you’re looking for a way to feel more connected to the earth and your body, and just bring more magick into your life – starting with your weed rituals – get yourself one of these beautifully curated kits.

Weedbox: Your mission with your business, Green Moon Apothecary is to help your customers explore spirituality and cannabis. How do your subscription boxes act as a guide?

Vanessa Neshevich & Amanda Tamane: Our boxes are curated to include everything you need to celebrate each Sabbat on the Pagan Wheel of the Year, with a cannabis twist! Each Green Moon Apothecary box is meant to aid you in spiritual and cannabis exploration. Products we include span from divination tools and crystals to custom cannabis accessories, all selected to promote green wellness. We also provide a ritual or spell that incorporates the items, and suggest a strain of cannabis to complement the occasion.

Weedbox: Was the intersection of cannabis and spirituality always something you were both into?

Vanessa and Amanda: While we’ve been big proponents of cannabis use for both medicine and recreation for many years, it’s been more recent that we really began delving into how its used for spiritual practice and self-discovery. Over the past few years, we’ve learned how cannabis releases resistance and can serve multiple purposes based on your intent. It allows you to unwind from the stress of the day. Once grounded, it can help you experience different perspectives, or enter into a meditative headspace for ritual. We consider it a teaching tool, as it brings you to new paths of thought.

Weedbox: How do you use cannabis in personal rituals in your own life?

Vanessa and Amanda: Amanda uses it during her rune studies and ritual work to get into the right mindset. Vanessa loves to connect with nature by going for long walks with a joint. It has a beautiful power on her well-being.

There are so many ways that we incorporate it into our practices in addition to the above. Cannabis is an amazing meditation aid, divination and ritual tool, spellwork enhancer, and so much more! On top of everything, it’s also just great for settling down after a hard day.

Weedbox: What are your go-to methods of consumption? Any favourite strains?

Vanessa and Amanda: Amanda is a big fan of vaping, but for spellwork and ritual, she prefers to use flower. It makes her feel more connected to the plant. She’ll use a beautiful pipe during solitary practise, or take the time to roll a joint for a group circle! Sharing a joint is a beautiful bonding experience with friends. Honestly, we’re not going to say no to any method though!

Vanessa enjoys Blue Dream and Super Silver Haze. Amanda leans towards Mango Haze or Wappa, but all in all, it depends on the lift we’re looking for. For meditation and divination, we may lean more towards an indica or a strain that delivers a cerebral high, while other rituals that require lots of energy may call for a sativa or hybrid that gives an uplifting buzz.

Weedbox: What are you doing for Halloween?

Vanessa and Amanda: We’ll be doing the Spirit Box Spell that The Fat Feminist Witch wrote for us! She has an amazing witchy podcast and helped curate our Samhain box. She created a beautiful spell that will open up a line of communication between the living and the dead. At Samhain, the veil between worlds is at its thinnest so it’s an ideal time to cast it.

We both love Hallowe’en and we do lots of spooky activities throughout October! Toronto is an incredible city that has tons to do this time of year. We’ve already hit up a few activities provided by Witchfest North and we’ll be visiting Casa Loma’s ‘Legends of Horror’ haunted house along with visiting Church Street to see the incredible costumes!

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