We talk to a slew of couples (from the just met to the newlyweds to the married 10 year couple with kids) on how they use cannabis together to benefit their bond and relationship.

For my debut piece for Weedbox I thought it would be apropos to write about something I specialise in: relationships.

And so I put out a call to my followers asking how they use cannabis as a couple, and was surprised not only by how many responses I got, but how they all differed.

According to Alison Gordon, CEO of 48 North Cannabis Co., “Cannabis has traditionally been used in a lot of relationship healing work and this is one of the many amazing properties of the plant. Some therapists have worked with couples using cannabis to open the doors of communication and to take away some of their fears and anxieties that hold people back in their relationships.”

And though many of the couples I heard from used it for other purposes – outside medicinally – such as coping with stress, to promote their sex life, and to help with creativity, it’s no doubt that couples are connecting more than ever thanks to their shared use of cannabis.

Based on all the responses, I put together a few different ‘types’ of couples and look at how they use cannabis together to deepen their bond. Note that, for the privacy of the couples, names have been changed.

The married couple(s) with kids and FT jobs

Couple 1
Married:12 years
Strain: Indica
Method of use: Edibles (in the form of gummies, oils, and chocolate)
How they use it as a couple: Indica gets them in “the bed.” They find it better for relaxing, connecting, and achieving orgasm.
She says: We’ve become fans of edibles. We find it’s a nice way to relax and definitely helps get me in the mood for sex, especially because my mind is so busy. When we have time and aren’t sick and have kids who aren’t sick and and and….then it is relaxing and my mind is less busy and my body is more chill, so I can have an orgasm easier. The trick was finding the right dose so I wasn’t completely blitzed. Now I need very little and I don’t deal with any hangover. I much prefer it to booze these days!
He says: I prefer edibles because I don’t love inhaling smoke. And of course, it’s odorless, so the kids, or nanny, or neighbours are none the wiser. I also enjoy it more because of how long it takes to kick in, and then lasts. Smoking gives you an instantaneous high that is short lived. I’m not much of a drinker, so when I come home after a stressful day, where many will grab a glass of wine or beer or scotch to take the edge off, I eat a little chocolate/oil/gummy. It really helps me be patient, attentive, and imaginative during bedtime routine and then I’m chatty with the wife, as opposed to just wanting to not think and throw on Netflix.

Couple 2
10 years
Strain: Pink Kush and Girl Scout Cookies
Method of use: Vaping using a PAX
How they use it as a couple: 3-5 times a week to de-stress and to help foreplay, sex, and bond.
She says: Pink Kush is just the right amount and vibe for us. It’s chill, but not couch locking, and it relaxes the muscles. It loosens you up physically and mentally. Less inhibitions. Also enhances smell, sound, and touch. We have some incredibly intimate moments. It also gives us the giggles which is great for our relationship. We use it at the end of long days to unwind and relax after the kids have gone down. It’s also great for sex, though it’s not our primary use. Mostly it’s for de-stressing. Three kids is a lot! We use a Pax because it’s discreet, easy to use, high-end and one sexy beast.

The long-term relationship, west-end living, creative couple

Coupled up: 6 years
Strain: Sativa in the morning, Indica at night
Method of use: Joints
How they use it as a couple: They use Sativa in the morning to inspire and get going in their creative work. At night, they use Indica to calm the mind, relax and chill out.
She says: We wake up, check emails, make coffee/breakfast, and have a joint. We mostly use it for behind the scenes creative things like making spreadsheets for productions, writing treatments, proposals, and drafting stories. Not used when on set or in meetings. More a substance to help creative juices flow!

The twenty-something newlyweds

Coupled up: 6 years
Strain: Medical grade (balanced strains with high CDB)
Method of use: Vape
How they use it as a couple: When they come home after a long day, they have dinner, vape a bag of mellow green, and just chill together to wind the day down.
He says: I think it’s all about finding that chill together. We’re both young, newly married, no kids, super career-oriented. It lets us unwind together and enjoy the moment, and not worry so much about other stresses. We also both use it for medicinal purposes so we can both appreciate its uses for feeling better. It’s nice knowing there’s a highly effective remedy out there with no real side effects that makes my partner feel better.

The new couple

Coupled up: 4 months
Strain: All strains (Sativa, Indica, Hybrids)
Method of use: Joints, pipe
How they use it as a couple: It’s often their choice over having a cocktail and feeling “tipsy.” Herb more so relaxes them. Before a bath, Netflix and chill.
She says: We use Sativa if we want to go out and explore the city, or enjoy a meal together. Food tastes even better after you smoke. Hybrids for days in Trinity Bellwoods where we hang with friends and enjoy the sun. Indica at night to mellow out before massages and sleep. It’s my medication, so my partner has even helped me smoke and obtain herb when I’ve been very sick (nausea and vomiting). After he’s brought me some I’m eating within hours and keeping food down. It’s much more relaxing as a user to be with someone who uses too. Because they truly don’t judge if I wake up and smoke. Which I do. Every. Single. Day.

The casual dater

Dates around
Several, depends on the mood she wants to feel
Method of use: Joints, edibles
How she uses it with guys she dates: Usually through a shared joint, or edibles for anything sexy because of the body high. Using cannabis is something she enjoys that makes her feel good, and that’s a feeling that’s nice to share with someone you’re dating.
She says: Cannabis is a part of my lifestyle, so when I’m dating, it helps when the guy is into it too. When meeting a new person, if he’s judgmental about my cannabis use, that’s a huge red flag and a turn off. If he’s into it and partakes as well, that’s a huge plus.

How do you and your partner use cannabis together as a couple? Share in the comments below!

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