Wedding season is upon us…spark one up!

Wedding season is upon us! Looking to make your ceremony feel a little more… relaxed? Here’s an idea: Get everyone high.

Where cannabis took the skincare industry by storm this past year and also made it’s way into coffee and niche travel experiences, it’s now set to transform the wedding industry. In Colorado, for example, where pot has been legal since 2014, a Cannabis Wedding Expo was launched to showcase the many vendors selling bud-infused products and services from floral arrangements to edible favours to cannabis open bars. California, too, has seen niche event planners and vendors cater to the demand on the east coast. If these states are any indication of what’s in store for Canada post-legalization, we can expect to see a whole new economy of weed-related weddings take shape soon.

If you’re reading this and feeling a nudge to hold off on sending your save the date till after July: DO. IT. And give yourself more time to plan the pot-filled wedding of your dreams. Because the support is out there. For starters, Vogue has some key tips for stoners in love who want to keep their 4:20-friendly wedding chic: Number one? Consider location (don’t assume your venue is OK with people smoking pot on-site just because you live somewhere it’s legal). Next, consider consumption (edibles are the most discrete optio, and when in doubt, err on the side of less THC). Then, consider presentation (chocolate fountains and bars are dope, keep the cannabis out of reach of the kids). Beyond that, get creative and bold as your love.

Some couples have chosen to add bud to their actual ceremony and expressed their devotion to their partner and Mary Jane. According to Bec Koop, owner of the cannabis-package providing Irie Wedding & Events, ‘couples may take a “first toke” together before the first kiss, often from a pipe with two openings, similar in ceremonial value to lighting a unity candle.’ Swoon. Others may choose a more low-key approach, adding a few pot leaves to their bouquet, or having a bud bar, which, if you don’t want to rock the boat too much, might be the more tradition-friendly way to go.

Additionally if you decide to swap cannabis in for booze entirely, that can mean a lot less clean-up, better-behaved guests, and you save money. According to one edibles vendor, you get a lot more buzz for your buck in cannabis than in alcohol – for a 100-person wedding, a bud bar (which might include pre-rolled joints, vaporizers, and pipes, with the option to add bongs, edibles, and cannabis cocktails), will only run you a few hundred dollars. By comparison, an open bar might cost upwards of 3,000$ per reception. So, frugal peeps, if you were seeking a better option, you might have just found it.

Check out some of the real weed wedding stories here and see how some of these weddings have played out. Or, just get you a 4:20-friendly wedding planner and let them take the reigns. You probably won’t have to look very hard for one post-summer.