Really – truly – relaxing is a skill. Take a cue from your sign on the best way to unwind.

Really relaxing – that is, not just mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or clicking manically around Youtube – is a skill. It’s time well spent. It’s restorative. It’s good for the mind and soul and sets us up for more success, generally. Learning how you do it will serve you for the rest of your days. Take a pointer from the zodiac on how each sign can relax :


Cardio. Ideally, boxing or hot yoga. Aries energy can boil over when stressed, and this fire sign will do best to get it out with an activity that will get the heart beating and sweat flowing. Move tension out of the body with physical movement and the mind will follow. 


Cooking a bomb ass meal. Something comforting and nourishing. Ideally, with a cookbook. This can be a grounding and sensual experience for this luxury-loving earth sign. Working with your hands – the meditative act of chopping / stirring – can get you out of your head and into your body again. 


Go to a yoga or pilates class. Gemini can suffer from decision fatigue and if overloaded with stimuli, focus can suffer. Doing some slow, intentional movement like yoga can focus that attention again. Classes are ideal – someone else takes the reigns and just tells you what to do.


Have your best friends over for a relaxing meal and / or vent sesh. You value feeling seen, Cancer, and your deeply intuitive sign knows that family is number one. Surround yourself with people you truly love and trust, and remind yourself of the most important thing – connection. 


Go to a comedy show or watch something just for the lols. Leos are the natural-born leaders of the zodiac, and they can often downplay stress until it all but breaks them down. Reach out to your most caring, best-humoured friends when you feel the pressure, and laugh. Get light again. 


Make an epic list or a plan. Virgo energy is organized and detail-oriented. Sooth the analytical part of your mind by doing some paper planning. If you don’t want to think about your hectic schedule, then make a grocery list. A list of items in your dream home. Books you want to read. Things you wish to buy when you get your next paycheque. Simplify what feels overwhelming. 


Walk around a museum or art gallery. Libras thrive on beauty and balance. When stress throws that equilibrium off,  remove yourself from your day to day environment and move though beautiful spaces where things are big and conceptual and rooted in history. This will bring about some perspective.


Get a massage. Primal, emotional Scorpio lives to feel things deeply, but can become obsessive when something is irritating. Reconnecting with sensation and getting back into your body will help restore that sense of security, and soften your hard shell. 


Plan your next getaway. Sagittarius is the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, so you thrive on newness and exploration. When things get dull or too routine, decompress by planning your next escape. Or take a weekend getaway or daytrip to a nearby town. It’s all about refreshing your sense of possibility. 


Get back to nature. The most ambitious of the signs, Capricorn will do well to set down the stack of work and move far, far away from the scene of work. Take a long walk or hike somewhere with some ambient music or a podcast. Put your bare feet on the ground. Being ‘part of the earth’ again will make you feel renewed.


Do some adult colouring or collaging. Aquarius is all about creative and independent thinking. When stressed, you have a hard time shutting off. Doing something creative that occupies both your mind and your hands, can get you back in the zone of building momentum.


Do a guided meditation. Or, if you’re adventurous, try a sensory deprivation tank or some reiki. You’re the most psychic of the signs, which means you’re super receptive to the energies around you at any given time – you can absorb stress that isn’t even yours. Shut it all off and get mindful again.

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