It’s cold af out, and you’re lazy. And hey, life’s too short to worry about making the perfect reso or edible arrangement.

Whether you love or hate the worldwide day of romance, there’s some real expectations around Feb 14th. Everyone has their own ideas of what it means / should or shouldn’t look like / and what they actually want. It’s complicated. It can bring up a diverse array of feels.

… It’s also cold af out, and you’re lazy. And, there’s the fact that life is too short to spend making the perfect restaurant reservation or buying edible arrangements. That’s not what love is about anyway. It’s about spending time, taking care to do something with intention. That’s what matters. So, here are some super simple ways to honor the occasion even when you’re lazy. 

Netflix and chill with a classic romance. One you haven’t watched but have been meaning to. Like, Roman Holiday. It Came From Outer Space. Casablanca. Black and white old-school romance films harken back to a simpler, pre-digital time before our relationships became entirely complicated by technology. Much perspective. (Alternately, you could just get high and trip out to of these mind-blowing docs together.)

Play board games from your childhood. Trouble and Guess Who get better with age.

Make this 3-ingredient pink champagne cocktail and toast to your bad selves. A pink theme-appropriate ‘signature cocktail’ makes a big impresh. 

… and / or these decorative Twinkies on a stick. Because slaving over a hot oven is for suckers.

Play the Love Game and find out what you didn’t know you didn’t know about your partner. Each card asks a question specifically designed to help people connect more authentically. Whether you’ve been together 3 dates or 3 years, these cards will lead the way to a deeper conversation.

Breakfast for dinner. In bed. The dinner you actually want when you really want to treat yoself. Indulging your inner child with (heart-shaped) pancakes and (heart-shaped) bacon is the opposite of a candle-lit whatever, but may indeed be more decadent and relaxing. And you don’t have to leave home. 

Do massages with some next-level massage oilCBD oil takes the relaxation level up a knotch. Khus + Khus’ Copious Body Serum relaxes muscles, counters liver toxicity, and increases dopamine availability. Apply to your partner’s bod with long strokes toward the heart to stimulate lymph.

Chill in the bath together with a THC-infused bath bomb. What’s better than a bath with a THC-laden bath bomb soothing your nerves and mind? A bath with a THC bath bomb and your lover. 

Featured photo via The Cookie Rookie.

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