Sassy, IKEA.

By now (unless you’ve been living under an internet rock), you’ve probably seen or heard about the new tote bag from Balenciaga – a clear rip-off of IKEA’s plastic Frakta tote that shoppers have been lugging around their stores for years. The hilarious catch? Retailing at $2145 USD, the Balenciaga version is $2144 more than the Swedish retailer’s original.

In Balenciaga’s defence, their version is definitely of better quality – constructed with glazed leather a zipper closure – even if looks nearly indistinguishable. Which is exactly why IKEA released this spot-on, tongue-in-cheek ad on how to tell the two bags apart.

The ad was designed by IKEA’s advertising agency partner Acne for their social media accounts and website. It explains the four ways customers can tell whether their blue Frakta bag is the “real deal”.

“Our IKEA Frakta tote is one of our most iconic products which are already owned and loved by millions – now the many people truly can get the designer look for less.” said an IKEA rep in an interview yesterday.

Imitation is the more sincere form of flattery, right?

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