Some couples are going all out with an open bud bar or a full cannabis-infused menu – but there are many more subtle ways to incorporate weed into your wedding. We explore some of them.

Weddings are a super personal event usually shared by family and friends. All too often, the bride and groom are looking for different ways to personalize the big day. It could be McDonald’s cheeseburgers ordered in at midnight or having signature cocktails for the evening – people have different takes. One of the biggest trends we’ve noticed since cannabis has become legal is the rise of cannabis or smoke lounges being included in the big day.

For many couples, cannabis is already a big part of their day-to-day lives and incorporating the plant into their wedding is important to them as well. Besides, if Kim Kardashian can throw a CBD-inspired baby shower then you can have a cannabis-inspired wedding.

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The first Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in Denver, Colorado in 2016, which taught couples how to bring cannabis safely and intelligently into their special day. Since then, Laureen Cauryn Cameron has launched the Canadian Cannabis Wedding Expo in Calgary and Toronto.

Cameron shares with Weedbox, “it was just kind of a no brainer for me to organize the expo,” noting that with a background in event planning she found that she had an increase in couples asking her about the market, and ways they too could incorporate it into their own events, weddings or otherwise. “People need guidance on how to have fun with this. It’s really easy to throw a party, but it’s also really easy for things to go wrong at events,” and with that, she found an opportunity to help provide people with the guidance and help they needed, while connecting them to different vendors who are canna-friendly.

Some couples may be going all out with weed-themed weddings by adding an open bud bar with a knowledgeable budtender at your service or a full cannabis-infused menu. But in reality, there are a lot more subtle touches that can be added to your wedding that are inclusive to all guests. For example, CBD-infused cocktails at your wedding will leave guests feeling relaxed and happy, while another will feel nothing different at all.

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Some other things you could incorporate are floral arrangements or ‘budtonnieres’ using buds of cannabis tucked among the different flowers. The team at Irie Weddings & Events in the U.S. has gained popularity for their bouquets and told Leafly in an interview, “The wedding industry as a whole, by nature, is a bit more on the conservative side. I’m coming in and throwing a big kink in the armor because they’re so used to people abiding by certain traditions and abiding by what’s considered acceptable. But why should your wedding day be less like your personality?”

Frankly we have to agree: each and every single wedding should be a reflection of your personality. With nearly 15 percent of Canadians aged 15 and older reporting using cannabis in the third quarter of 2018, as reported in the latest National Cannabis Survey results, we’re wondering just how many more weed weddings and pot proposals we’re going to see in the years to come.

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