Make sure Mercury retrograde doesn’t fully have its way with you, guys.

Even if you don’t follow astrology, you’ve probably heard about Mercury retrograde. In the realm of cosmic events, this one tends to garner the most attention. You’re about to hear even more about it around now, because it’s happening on March 22. So, WTF is Mercury retrograde, and why should you care?

The planet Mercury rules communication and the mind, so, all transfers of information: email, social media, computer code, face to face conversations, and formal contracts. During its orbit around the sun 3 to 4 times a year, there’s a period during it’s turn where appears to start moving backward. (It doesn’t actually – it just looks that way from earth, because it laps earth in its orbit). When this happens every 4 months or so, all things communication-related here on earth tend to go a little off the tracks.

When a planet retrogrades, it is, as Susan Miller puts it, ‘astrologically, in a resting or sleeping state. Therefore, while Mercury naps, the activities that it governs don’t have the benefit of a well-functioning, wide-awake planet to supervise them.”

So that’s why retrograde periods are said to be a bad time to enter into contractual agreements or send important emails or start new partnerships  – anything where communications need to be rock solid – as we’re not cosmically supported. Think about it like, the energetic environment is fluid, as opposed to structured and regulated. It’s a time to not resist that fluidity, but to with the flow.

That said, Mercury retrograde offers a good opportunity to retreat a little and self-reflect. This is a time to care for yourself and others, to pay attention to and take care of whatever is blocking you from moving forward. You can certainly use it to your benefit, and make some ‘inner progress’ as opposed to outer progress, which is ultimately, equally as important.

Come March 22 (and lasting until April 15), be intentional about what you want to put into the world and be extra careful when it comes to technology. This time around, Mercury is retrograding back through the sign Aries, which means that some extra frustration or aggression may come along with the delays. Assertive Aries wants to move ahead fast, and during this time, energy is flowing backward. So be kind to yourself, and to others! 

And to make sure Mercury retrograde doesn’t fully have its way with you, think back to the last time it happened: December 3 – December 22. Did you experience any login issues? ‘Reply all’ nightmares? Missed deadlines? Relationship drama? What do you see now that you could have done differently? Use these insights to your advantage. Onward. 

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