Feeling frisky?

Spring has sprung! Are you feeling a reawakened sense of desire yet? No? Well here’s some good news: Smoking more pot can help in that department.

A study that surveyed 50,000 Americans between 2002 to 2015 found that both men and women who smoked pot daily had sex more often than those who didn’t – 20% more often, to be exact. A pretty big increase considering a little bit more sex can make a huge difference in relationships that may be strugs.

A healthy active sex life is, just like active communication, a big key to relationship success – it communicates to a partner that they’re wanted, loved, valued. Keeping that up is huge for general intimacy-maintenance, and can be a game-changer for some couples, who might be raising young kids, or just recovering from a rocky patch. More sex grants more bonding. And it’s not just good for your bond with your mate, it’s good for your health too – endorphins, mood-boosting and stress-relieving hormones support your all-round best life.

How exactly does daily pot-use work to increase sexual activity? The correlation isn’t exactly direct – an earlier 2012 study found that a reason why 4:20-friendly peeps might be more sexually active is because those who smoke regularly are generally more relaxed, and less anxiety can mean less inhibitions, and then, increased libido.

However, these findings, coupled with the aforementioned findings offer interesting food for thought. Daily pot use leads to more relaxation and more sex, suggesting that for couples who smoke together, it’s generally a really positive addition to the relationship. An intimacy catalyst. Even a form of foreplay. The couple that smokes together, stays together? Well, the numbers don’t lie.

Be aware, though: while the link to more frequent sex is there, the effects of marijuana use on sexual function were said to ‘warrant further study.’ So, you might now know how to increase your partner’s desire… but when it comes to everything from there, you’re on your own.