We unbox the FEZ vaporizer. Preserving the natural taste of your cannabis, it lasts and lasts for over 2000 puffs at full charge.

Like many smoking enthusiasts, I have a relationship with vaping and vape culture that is as rocky, explosive, and mysterious as an active volcano. Although, those vape volcanoes are okay, if you prefer sucking on a plastic bag to tasting delicious smoke.

However, these are modern times and those call for contemporary implements in our appreciation of burned plant matter. This is what led me to an investigation of the FEZ Vape. It was recommended as a cutting edge tool that was ideally suited for my maturing needs. The recommendation was correct, as this is the kind of piece I can see myself passing down to future generations. We used to have Grandpappy’s flask, children of the future will be willed vape pens if they keep making them this good.

The features of this device all speak to its engineering and forethought. As a user of a product, it is nice to have one’s consumerist needs considered by the manufacturer. Firstly, one single charge of this device is sufficient to get the user upwards of 2000 puffs. I’m a busy dude, but that kind of performance would get even the heartiest deadhead or kushophile raver through an entire four day music festival. Now, let’s say you have a particularly tasty batch and are converged upon by friends old and new who all have thirsty lungs: even in that unusual event, if you can find a USB outlet/port and the mighty FEZ Vape can be charged on the go in about thirty minutes.

Granted, these musings are just my own personal experience. What matters most about the FEZ, for you, the curious Weedbox reader? Well, it’s the fact that the FEZ Vape delivers an unadulterated vapour experience. The mist tastes like the plant or oil smelled. It is the purest and cleanest reaction to both preserve the spirit of the organic matter and baby the lungs of the self-caring user.

This pen also is smaller than your paint markers, highlighters, or vibrators – so no matter what your on-the-go lifestyle, you’ll find it convenient to put in your bag or pocket. While I’m babbling about the size and construction, I should mention, the FEZ Vape has a nice, sleek-yet-grippy feel to it, and is comfortable to hold in your hand. For those who have revelations and debates while vaping, your FEZ Vape will make you look like some kind of brilliant futuristic wizard as you gesture with this inexhaustible wand of magic and goodness.

The FEZ Vape is cool-looking, comfy to carry and hold, and most of all, is a long lasting powerhouse of delicious flavours. It’s the perfect choice for the serious yet healthy smoker, or design minded casual vape fans.

This product is a masterpiece, and I look forward to using it forever.

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