“Cannabis is a very multi-purpose magical plant but two of its best uses are as a cleanser and amplifier of energy. So by blowing the smoke around you, you’re cleansing your energy and priming it for magic at the same time.”

It’s officially the witching month, and as some of us plan costumes and parties, others plan rituals and spells. To explore the ways weed finds its way into the lives and work of today’s magical practitioners, we’re chatting with a few of them this October. Prepare to see the power of this plant in a whole new way.

Weedbox: In your podcast episode Dream Magic + CannaWitches, you talked about a ritual where you anointed your third eye chakra with CBD oil before bed to open a dream channel (as well as using crystals, connecting with the plant through speaking, and a bit of meditation). Can you share a little more about your experience with this ritual? 

Paige: First, I want to say that I am so excited that that topic resonated with people. I honestly wasn’t sure it would, or if enough witches who used cannabis cared that it could affect their dreams. So that’s exciting!

I had been thinking a lot about how my cannabis use affected my dreams and doing a lot of research, and even reaching out to other witches who use cannabis and probing them about their dream lives haha. Everything I read about weed’s magical properties told me it could be really great for dream magic, despite the effect it can physically have on us. So I decided to try and use ritual to increase my connection with my dreams and find a way to include the magical energy of the plant to counteract its physical effects, so to speak. It worked that night, and has worked every other time I’ve tried it since.

Weedbox: In that episode you also talked about your theory that the reason you had success with the dream work ritual was because you stopped fighting against cannabis and instead, connected with it and felt happy to work with it in this particular way. Could you share a little more about the importance of intention when working with cannabis and magical herbs in magick?

Paige: I’ve repeated this ritual multiple times now and this particular revelation, to me, is what makes it successful. I have been dreaming more, or at least remembering more of them, even when I don’t do the ritual before bed. Our brains are so powerful and those mental blocks can really affect us. I was recently watching an episode of The Mind Explained on Netflix about psychedelics and their therapeutic uses, and they said that these plants really only do what we want them to do for us. I think it’s the same in magick and ritual. The plants, including cannabis, are a tool you’re using and you need to provide the plan.

Weedbox: In general, what would you suggest to someone who’s interested to start using cannabis for dream magick? Or more generally, in just a little more of a sacred way? 

Paige: I suggest starting really simply! One of my favourite ways to use the plant itself in a ritual is for cleansing the area and your aura – much like you would with sage. So you can light your joint or pipe, inhale deep, and then blow the smoke around your body. Cannabis is a very multi-purpose magical plant but two of its best uses are as a cleanser and amplifier of energy. So by blowing the smoke around you, you’re cleansing your energy and priming it for magic at the same time.

For people who grow, don’t throw out the leaves that get trimmed off. Dry those out and use them in incenses or mojo bags or any spell where you need to see some real results.

Weedbox: Do you incorporate cannabis into any other rituals (spiritual / self-care or creative)?

Paige: I do! I struggle a lot with anxiety so cannabis helps me calm down and focus even when I’m in an intense situation. It is a big part of my self-care routine. Spiritually, I often smoke before reading tarot cards and I find it’s just much easier to see the bigger picture of the reading without missing the details in each card. It helps me slow down my thought process without cutting off my creativity or intuition. I also use it as an offering if I’m doing something that involves spirits. It’s a very valuable herb in more ways than one and I find I get results much quicker when I include it!

Weedbox: What is your go-to method of cannabis consumption? Any current favourite strains you’d like to share? 

Paige: I’m mainly a smoker, kind of old school, I know. When I want to witch it up a bit I’ll use eatable markers to draw sigils and symbols on the papers, or reach for my crystal pipe carved out of Labradorite.

One of the best strains I’ve tried lately was a sativa strain called Voluptas – which is the name of the roman goddess of sensual pleasure and the root of the word Voluptuous –  and I loved it. It really did have a very sensual and indulgent vibe to it. I combined it with a bath full of salts aligned with the sacral chakra, lit some candles and really made a night of it.

Weedbox: What are you doing for Halloween?

Paige: Well first of all – I hand out candy every year, haha. I really love the fun, childlike spirit of the season, but this year I am planning on doing something just a touch witchier.

This Halloween I’ve found myself very focused on connecting with spirits – specifically ancestors. I recently read Honoring Your Ancestors by Mallorie Vaudoise and was really inspired to put up an ancestral alter and invite more spirits into the house. So I have an ancestor candle and spirit box ritual that includes using cannabis to cleanse your sacred space. I’m really excited about it! 

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