In our opinion, Reese Puffs are a cereal that should never be overlooked. Check out why this sweet and salty treat is at the top of our list in an expressive ode to the chocolate bar turned cereal.

Just need to make it known that, Reese Puffs, we see you. We see all of you, every crunchy morsel. And after you got so carelessly shafted on our list of the top breakfast cereals, you deserve a special mention. Heck, you deserve the world. So feel our appreciation and hear our praise:

Dear Reese Puffs,

Salty as nuts, sweet as candy,

lighting up that kush, I know you’ll come in handy.

Because when I get high and want to much,

I can always count on you to be brining the crunch.

The perfect marriage of chocolate and peanut butter,

The kind that last forever, please never leave each other.

Oh Reese Puffs, you have my mind blown,

I don’t even care how my belly has grown.

Eat them dry or add milk to get creamy,

but in any form, you’re always so dreamy.


Breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner,

You always make sense, you’re always a winner.

When times are tough, and I am struggling with dealing

I know you are there, so I can eat my feelings.


So tasty, so light, and forever delicious,

there’s no way something so good, could be at all nutritious.

Yet so damn good, you can eat the whole box,

baked with your friends, while nobody talks.

So shout out to General Mills, Reese Puffs – kills.

You’re worth all the calories, and all the dollar bills.

Always yours,


Bonus points: Rap this while eating a bowl after smoking a bowl.

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