Keeping your self-care up will help you stay grounded and feeling good in your body through the hot months, and there’s no reason you can’t do it elevated.

Relentless humidity, sweaty public transit, and an onslaught of people posting vacay pictures from exotic locales – summer just WOULDN’T be summer without them! Keeping your self-care up will definitely help you stay grounded and feeling good in your body through the hot months, and there’s no reason you can’t do it elevated. Here are a few ways to incorporate cannabis into a self-care ritual that’ll keep those summer blues as far off as… that vacation destination you really just wish you were at.

CONNECT WITH NATURE  – MINDFULLY. You don’t have to sit on a meditation cushion in perfect stillness to practice meditation. Set the intention to be mindful before you head to a public park or trail and focus on clearing your head and being in nature. Start by vaping or smoking to anchor into your breath, with each inhale, repeat a mantra that anchors you into the present (something like, ‘I am.’) This is the breath and mantra you can return to throughout your walk. If you’re into this idea, here are a few other ways to use cannabis for meditation.

VISUALIZE YOUR BEST LIFE. Guided audio meditations where you enter a cave and meet your wise future self, take a magic carpet ride and survey the landscape of your life, etc. etc, may seem totally, utterly ridic – until you do them! Seriously. Doing a guided visualization after smoking the creativity-boosting strain of your choice can help you relax, but it’ll also help you picture your long-term ideal life from an intuitive place. Those are the #summergoals you really want to aim for. Check out Hay House guided meditations.

MAKE + USE YOUR OWN SKINCARE PRODUCTS. All you need to make your own infused products are a few basic ingredients from a dispensary and the grocery store. Chill out with this CBD face mask and some cooling cucumbers on your eyes to freshen up your look and your outlook. Cannabinoid CBD oil has proven to beat out Vitamins E and C as a powerful antioxidant, after all.

MAKE A FRESH, HEALING, CANNA-BUTTER INFUSED MEAL. How often do we set aside the time to make a fresh meal – and actually enjoy the process of cooking, and eating? The thing is, the act of cooking makes it almost impossible to be anything less than totally present. Making a healing meal that your body will thank you for.

To make cannabutter, you’ll need 1/4 oz cannabis buds, finely ground and ½ cup salted butter. Melt the butter on low heat in a saucepan, add the buds, and simmer on low heat for 45 mins, stirring frequently. Strain the mixture into a glass dish or mason jar with a tight-fitting lid, using a spatula to smash the plant matter against the strainer to squeeze out the potency.

Get whatever fresh local ingredients appeal to you at your local farmers market and use your butter to roast produce, drizzle over pasta, slather on fresh bread, etc. Control how much you use according to your night’s plans.

SPLURGE ON A 4:20 FRIENDLY GETAWAY. If you are planning to use up your vacay days this summer, save up for a retreat experience that’ll soothe your soul and get you high. Consider giving yourself the gift of a weekend devoted to self-care at Ganga Goddess Retreat or Cannabliss Retreats. If you’re more the self-directed type, check out Bud and Breakfast for a toke-friendly bed and breakfast option anywhere in the world.

MAKE A FATTY TO-DO LIST + THEN GET FOCUSED AF + DO IT. HIGH. Arguably the most important form of self-care we can ever commit to is, generally, adulting. Keeping a clean house, doing laundry, organizing receipts, etc, etc. – everything sucks when you don’t do it. Get you a strain that makes you feel focused af (Jack Herer, or Green Crack are ones to consider), smoke a fatty and then smoke that fatty to-do list.

FIND AN ELEVATED YOGA CLASS. In Toronto, a few communities that gather around cannabis and yoga have sprouted up and they’re delivering an experience that will totally up your yoga practice. Check out Ganga classes at The House of Yoga, or a Ground + Meditate Elevated class from Elevated Asana. Because why yoga and meditate without cannabis when you can do it with cannabis?