Experimenting with cannabis to enhance your sexual experiences can be fun, exciting, and put you in line to have the best orgasm ever. If you haven’t started exploring, we’re talking about why now is the best time to get started.

It’s the universal question: what’s better than great sex?

The answer would have to be: really great, uninhibited, tingling, smoking hot and maybe kinda stoned, sex. Yes, that would do it — and if you’re not doing it, then I promise, you should be. Experimenting with a little cannabis to enhance your sexual experiences can be fun, exciting, and all the other things listed above. And if you have never experimented, then now would be a really great time to start, and there are more ways to do it than you may think.

This beautiful botanical is known for it’s healing properties and has a plethora of health benefits and uses, as we already know. What might be lesser known is that these uses don’t shy away from the bedroom. Cannabis can help to elevate your sexual experience in a host of different ways. Fortunately, living in a time when the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis is more and more common, this a safer and safer place for exploration and experimentation. I’m not talking about the obvious ‘getting super stoned and having sex while high’ either. It can be more than that; it can be topicals, edibles, lotions, tinctures and all the sweet, infused, hip new ways to have the best orgasm ever.

Feature image via thilli0207 on Flickr

Cannabis is, in fact, one of the oldest ‘feel good’ medicines in existence. If you check out some of the most revered and honoured botanicals in ancient tribal medicines and rituals, you wouldn’t have to look hard to see the marijuana plant. Of course, using hemp to make paper, clothing, rope and fibres is well known in history, but in ancient Chinese medicine dating back to 2700 B.C, it was also prescribed as a treatment for things like gout, rheumatism, digestive issues and pain management. In ancient Hindu texts, it is regarded as a holy plant and is recommended in variety of treatments and rituals for both the body and soul. Most commonly though amongst them all through time and history, cannabis was a prescription for women.

The herbal world doesn’t usually show favour to the finer sex, but in this case, ladies, you’re in luck. The female reproductive system is densely loaded with endocannabinoid receptors, making cannabis a highly effective remedy for all the lady things: cramps, bloating, pain and child birth. Because women have the most sensitive endocannabinoid receptors, they are better able to reap the benefits of medicinal cannabis, and have more effective experiences with its use.

Whether you prefer to ingest or topically apply, cannabinoids absorb into the body and target the same enzymes as Ibuprofen with particular efficacy for, you guessed it, women. According to The Daily Science, the stimulation of the endocannabinoid system also impacts the production of estradiol, a type of oestrogen or female sex hormone, naturally occurring in the body. An increase of estradiol is linked to decreasing both anxiety and depression dramatically in women. As another added bonus, in a study of 60,000 participants from all different demographics preformed by The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2017, female, weekly users of cannabis had an average of 34% more sex. How good is that?

Unfortunately for men, they aren’t singing the same tune when it comes to sexually enlightened cannabis consumption. The same study found is that male weekly users of cannabis only increased sexual activity by 22%, and in another study preformed by Oxford University, regular THC consumption was found to lower the male sperm count by 28%. If a user’s cannabis consumption is combined with additional drug use as well, that decrease becomes 52% – fifty-two per cent, fella’s — Mmhmm.

Not only does the regular consumption of THC lower your sperm count, but it also makes it harder to ejaculate when stimulated and even harder, when stimulated, for your sperm to actually find the egg. Exactly the kind of issues that you would expect stoned sperm to have. Although sperm not making it to the egg generally decreases the risk of pregnancy, it’s not a statistic to get loose with and it should be noted here that this is an inadvisable method of birth control; totally and unequivocally in-advisable. 

So even though men are unlikely to have the same amount of pain relief from cannabis as women do experience when used for menstrual pain, there are still a ton of benefits in terms of elevating your experience, for all the sexes in all the ways.

First of all, remember that THC and CBD have very different effects on the mind, body and mood. So while you’re curating the right experience for you and your partner (or you and your badass self) you must decide if you’re looking for the psychoactive effects of THC, or the sensory heightening effects of CBD.

If CBD is your comfort zone and you’re looking to create sensation and relaxation, consider using topicals and oils to start. Using a topical application of CBD is safe for both external and internal use, increasing both blood flow and lubrication. For men and women alike, this is the definition of a turn on.

If you’re considering topicals as a part of your experience, make sure you are using pure, organic products with very simple and familiar ingredients. A little flower for your flower is a good thing, just make sure it’s a good product. By using topical salves and oils users can create isolated physical sensations, while ingesting CBD oil itself will create an overall sense of relaxation and will heighten physical sensations without any psychotropic affects.

On the other hand, THC in low doses will have a calming, relaxing effect and will help you feel less inhibited overall — with those psychotropic pleasures. It also works as a wake-up call for your libido to get it started. As a comfortable generality, whether using oils, edibles or inhalation, between 1-3 mg of THC is a good place to start helping to dissolve any nervousness, self-consciousness or discomfort.

As always, start dosing low and slow. Dosing accurately is more difficult with when you’re smoking, so if you’re new to cannabis and trying to find your sweet spot, using oils or vaporizers is a good starting point for exploration. Edibles will work slowly through your digestive system and again, are harder to get consistent dosing from, but you’re looking for a slow, steady climb to climax — with your partner and from your high, then edibles can help.

If you’re looking to elevate your experience, spice up your sex life, and work on a ‘higher’ sex drive, working with cannabis as a part of your experience might be the place to start. As it stands now in Canada, topicals and edibles are not available for purchase, but experimenting in the kitchen before you start experimenting with your sexy new cannabis oils IS.

For the canna-curious, starting with a feel good lubricant to elevate your experience can be the most fun — so, just for fun, here’s a recipe that you get really get into from the extreme comfort of your own home:

Homemade Weed Lube via Broadly

You’ll need:

2 – 3 grams of weed

3 – 4 T coconut oil

Aloe leaves (enough to give you about 1/4 cup of aloe gel)

Equipment: Scale, grinder, cheesecloth, hair tie, two jars, wooden spoon, tongs, and a pot

1. Measure out 2-3 grams of weed.

2. Fill the pot full enough of water to cover your jars. Bring the water in a pot to a boil.

3. In one jar, mix weed with 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil.

4. Seal the jar, and put it in the boiling water using tongs.

5. Let it simmer for about two hours.

6. Squeeze a quarter cup of gel from your aloe leaves into the second jar.

7. Cover the jar containing aloe with cheesecloth and secure the cloth around the jar using the hair tie, leaving a sort of pocket in the cloth to catch the flower.

8. Using your tongs, remove the jar from the boiling water and allow it to cool slightly. Remove the lid and pour the contents through the cheesecloth filter, into the aloe jar.

9. Strain oil through the cheesecloth and squeeze the remaining oil out of the weed.

10. Mix the contents together and allow it to cool down until it has the consistency of hardened coconut oil.

When you’re ready to use, put a little in your palm, rub your hands together and apply. C’est L’Amour! 


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