Using CBD to help dogs’ chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation is a trend among pet owners, despite the fact that vets can’t legally prescribe CBD to their animal patients (yet).

We know that for humans, cannabis can be a powerful healer of chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and then some. Those same benefits can translate to our four-legged fur bbs, too – they have an endocannabinoid system like us after all. If you’re searching for a solution for your pet’s health or behavioural concerns, CBD could be it. 

It’s a growing trend in Canada, despite the fact that vets can’t legally prescribe CBD to their animal patients (yet). But this doesn’t prevent pet owners from buying legal CBD edibles and tinctures for their pups with some really positive results. According to a survey in the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, 64% of the dog owners who used cannabis for their pets with pain, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, and lack of appetite felt it helped their pets moderately to extremely. And apart from pain relief, 50% of dog owners reported either moderately or greatly improved sleep habits, and 49% reported less anxiety. The same high responses came from cat owners, too. Who wouldn’t want that for an ailing pet?

Alas, just like in human medicine, a lack of research as of yet has made guidance around the use of cannabis for animals a grey area. The CBD oil that’s used to treat pets is non psychoactive and contains no THC (which is toxic to animals), but still, the head of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association has said, “Even if the cannabis does not have THC, we still do not know how safe it is…’ Though with the legalization of pot due to happen this summer, we can look forward to research into CBD use among pets, and more findings like the above, becoming more popular.

For now, CBD-infused treats and tinctures can be found in some dispensaries across North America – Pacificolife in Hamilton and Toronto carries Apawthecarypets bacon, seafood flavoured drops or crunchy treats, and you can also get chews at Trueleafpet, cookies at MOTA, and grain-free chews at TreatiblesTreat your pet to some CBD edibles and help make the dark days of winter a little brighter for them.