Deep and rich, with a memorable flavour.

If you recall a couple months back, we got all fancy on you with our review of Torres Selecta’s boujee Caviar Chips. Well, we happen to be feeling pretty fucking fancy once again, because their Black Truffle variety went down like a fine wine. And if we may be so bold, are the best truffle flavoured potato chips on the market today.

As far as we’re aware, this brand of black truffle potato chips is the only one that actually includes real black truffle pieces – and they do not skimp on the truffle oil. A fact that is made insanely evident as soon as you crack open the bag. The aromatic truffle scent hits your nose like a punch to the face (in a good way). And every single chip is packed full of flavour. For a small bag, you really get your money’s worth.

And then there’s the actual chips. Thin, crispy, and just oily enough to seem decadent while not overly greasy or heavy. These chips are simple, but simplicity done right. High quality ingredients that you can taste.

So, next time you’re feeling fancy, treat yourself to a bag of these. Would also pair perfectly with a nice glass of chilled white wine, just saying.

Grab a bag and get munching.

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