Fancy AF.

Most days, I like to crush a few glasses of whiskey and eat some red meat. I’m not fancy. But that’s only most days. The other days, I’m fancy as fuck. I have recently discovered the best chips ever for those days and I’m here to tell you about them.

Torres Selecta Caviar are the perfect chips for fancy days.

An unassuming bag which clearly outlines exactly what you are going to get: potatoes and caviar. You get salt, too, but that should be implied with the caviar.

From the moment you open the bag you get hit with this wonderful scent of caviar and potatoes. Perfect, not overpowering.

The chips are light and super crisp with just the right amount of oiliness, balanced out perfectly with Spanish sea salt. As expected for a premium chip from Barcelona, the potato taste is excellent – almost fresh. Like they were crisped up that day.

The caviar, well that’s a whole other level.

The caviar taste is distinct and unmistakable. Like you are actually dropping a huge bump of caviar on the best potato chip you’ve ever had.

Pair these delightful little chips with a chilled glass of rosé (champagne or cava will also do). The one thing I know for sure, the next time I pick up a bag of these, I’m doubling down with actual caviar. It’s a FANCY day, I said.

*Available at The Cheese Boutique and right here.

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