The new year is fast approaching. We give some extra guidance for your sign for the upcoming year, with a tarotscope for your 2018.

For all of us, 2018 will be a year to dream big, but also to stay grounded. With Jupiter in power-focused Scorpio, our collective desire for control (think: Money, charisma, knowledge) will be at the forefront. And, with Saturn in Capricorn, we can all expect to come up against some reality checks (hey, adulting goals). Now’s the time to be responsible, or be left behind as others move onward and upward. Do right by your bad self in 2018: be self-aware, stay honest, and focus on your strengths! For some extra guidance for your sign for the upcoming year, here’s a tarotscope for your 2018.


6 of Cups

Your roots will feature in 2018 in a major way, Aries. Before the new year officially begins, take a minute to acknowledge where you’ve come from, and appreciate all you’ve been through. What key lessons have been integral in strengthening your personal foundation? Your unique wisdom makes up the fabric of you. Own it. 


Ace of Swords

Whether a new creation or idea has been bubbling beneath the surface, or felt just out of reach in 2017, you can trust that you’re ready to make headway in realizing your vision. Uranus, the planet that rules original thought, is moving into your sign in mid-May this year. Get ready to burn the midnight oil (and / or spliff) – you’re likely to feel feel v. inspired.


6 of Swords

What journey are you on now, Gemini? 2018 will be about trusting your path and burning rubber as you move toward a brighter future. You’re ready to be on the move, and if anyone in your life isn’t on board with you, ditch ‘em. Be steadfast in your commitment to keeping only your A team people around.  


The Empress

2018 is an invitation to nurture your best life into being. Key word – nurture. No pushing, no forcing. You might start a meditation or some kind of wellness practice that makes you feel at peace, and getting in touch with nature could also be a source of energy for you. It’s all about understanding what your best life feels like, not what you think it’s supposed to be.  


Prince of Wands 

Take a look back on 2017 and write down 10 times you felt excited, Leo. These are keys for a prosperous 2018. Connect the dots in whatever way you can, but in 2018, your quest is to allow the fire inside to be your guide. What would your life look like if acting on and sharing your passion was your main priority?


4 of Swords

Virgo, you have a talent for staying out of drama, and yet deep down you probably know you can bring the power to heal certain situations. This year, find your balance between playing an active role and focusing on your own regeneration. Don’t quit, just know when you need to rest. Find your rhythm.


The Chariot

What next, Libra? 2018 will be about forward momentum. 2018 will challenge you to be alert to your obstacles – not distracted by them – and trust in your ability to overcome them. What do you need in order to do that? A clear, compelling end goal. This is a year of ambition and focus. What do those words mean to you?


Prince of Cups

You know that Ghandi quote, ‘be the change you wish to see in the world?’ This year is your opportunity to really live that. How can you commit to making your dreams a reality (think: time, structures and support systems), without losing touch with reality? Know that by giving to yourself, you also give to others. Lead by example. 


The Hierophant

Now is the time to seek out more fitting / updated role models for yourself. Who do you want to be like? Investigate. Institutions function to create new leaders for new generations. What traditions do you want to follow? It’s entirely up to you. Trust that this year, the teacher will appear.


Queen of Disks

You are highly responsible, Capricorn, but that doesn’t mean you have to ‘take it all on’ yourself. You’re a magical, resourceful creature, Capricorn – but you must give your inner world the attention it calls for. Review your 2017 and see how you can make slight tweaks here and there, day to day, to make your life work for you. 


Ace of Wands

If your zest for life was feeling depleted toward the end of 2107, you can count on some newfound enthusiasm finding you soon. Become really clear on what conditions you need to be inspired, fulfilled, and your definition of successful. The clearer you are about those, the more likely they are to find you. Meet the muse half way, Aquarius. 



It’s transformation time, Pisces. Luckily, this is your forte. Your intuition is tack-sharp, and you are highly adaptable. What needs to be put to rest for good? Take some downtime to let the answer come to you. Know that that stillness is part of evolution. Gracefully put to rest what needs to be, and begin to build a new cycle. Go toward what feels exciting. 

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