It’s time to spice up your spliff. Rolling with these good-for-you herbal fillers can give you all the benefits of a cheaper joint, without putting your health at risk.

It’s time to spice up your spliff. Rolling your joints with nicotine is so two-thousand and late. Why not fill that lil’dude out with something that smells better and is actually good for you? For centuries humans have been smoking herbs to help them heal, so it’s no surprise that weed smokers are getting more creative with their smokable creations. We just had to try it out ourselves, so we hit up MojoLife and stocked up on all kinds of dried herbs. Check out our photos and recap below of the best herbal blends we’re rolling with right now…


Grind up those flowers and get into this stress and anxiety helper. It’s super pretty and gives a boost that’s chill. You can also expect a mild buzz with this one even if you’re not mixing cannabis leaves in with it. 


It’s like smoking a menthol but waaaaaaaay better for you and less harsh. Instead of killing you, it clears the lungs and respiratory passages. It also improves blood circulation and relaxes the nerves, while also tasting amazing.


This pretty little herb is a natural aphrodisiac (ooooo!) and can help relieve headaches, anxiety, and digestive issues. This one became a quick fave and once you smoke it you’ll understand.


Known for it’s relaxing smell, mixing some ground-up lavender in with your joint is sure to bliss you out as this calming herb is an anti-depressant. It also tastes good. That said, if you’re scent sensitive it could be too perfume-y for you, so start with just a little.

Sage + Mullein

Sage looks like weed but smells less suspicious, plus it helps with congestion. When I shared this mixed roll with a friend it blew his mind. His reaction was like “THIS IS LIKE BBQ THIS IS DELIGHTFUL WHY AM I NOT ALWAYS DOING THIS?!” Burning sage also “keeps off the Evil Eye” and purifies spaces so it’s like a two-in-one.

We add mullein to the mix because the sage can be strong and the mullein mellows it out while also providing a bunch of benefits of its own. Smoking this herb can help with inflammation, allergies, AND improve your lung health!


Not just for cats! Make sure you’ve got nowhere to be before you get into the kitty. This mint family herb will chill you out, dawg. When I smoked this I didn’t even freak out when my charger suddenly stopped working. It was 3:30am and I was at 24% with a bunch of shit to do the next day. Usually I’d be freaking out exxxxxxtra hard but instead I just channeled that cat life.


It’s hard to break-up something so beautiful but such is life. Kill your darlings or whatever right? As I once read on a tea bag, “he who wants the rose must respect the thorn.” Smoking these pretty dried little buds have pain-relieving and antioxidant benefits.

Photos by Kate Killet // Hand Modeling by Lauren Mitchell