The best reactions to Pepsi’s controversial and less-than-inspired Kendall Jenner ad.

By now, you’ve probably heard about, watched, and laughed out loud and/or shook your head at the ridiculously tone-deaf ad featuring Kendall Jenner that Pepsi released (and subsequently pulled) Tuesday night.

The spot shows Jenner, a model in a photoshoot, dropping everything to join a protest she sees going past. She marches through the streets with the group (who are an obvious, and offensive reference to the BLM movement) and tries to bring the peace and calm down the hostile police officers by offering one of them a Pepsi. And apparently it works? Seriously, that’s all the world needed to solve police brutality? This whole time? Wow. Thanks guys.

Anyways, following the backlash, Pepsi have already pulled the ad and were quoted as saying it “missed the mark” (well duh). But – not before the internet could do what it does best and make some pretty fucking spot-on memes.

Here are the best ones:

An offensive question on a good day…

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