Ready for your summer body? The new Cannabis Cleanse is a way to integrate pot into your life as your wellness companion. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Ready for your summer body? Stock up on some bud.

Actually. Check out Coming Clean with Cannabis: A New Kind of Cannabis Cleanse, which was created by three cannabis  advocates who wanted to provide a framework for incorporating cannabis into one’s life as a wellness companion, rather than, you know – something you ‘need to detox from.’

The free e-book offers a 7-day ‘program’ (with, as you might imagine, v. laid back guidelines) that involve giving up processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and swapping them for whole-food cooking with cannabis-infused recipes from The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook, and partaking in activities like yoga, exercise, and meditation supplemented with vaping / homemade edibles. The cleanse works by helping you lean into into a more conscious, stress-free lifestyle.

So for one thing, if you’re currently hooked on booze and sugar, giving those up for a week will have you feeling pretty good. There’s also the case that cannabis can help your body achieve a level of homeostasis – making it, as Well + Good points out, ‘an unexpected compliment to a cleanse.’ Ebook co-author Krista Williams points out, “cannabis enhances the endocannabinoid system, which keeps our bodies in a balanced state.” This can lead, of course, to a greater ability to manage stress, sleep better, and it also helps our immune function and digestion. The health benefits of cannabis are proven. Why would it not be a supportive addition to a self-directed cleanse?

We don’t often hear about cannabis’s function as an adaptogen (a class of healing plants that provides stabilization of physiological processes), but it really does work to help us become stronger – and feel better, naturally, from the inside out. According to biochemist Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., it works like this: “Different parts of [cannabis] molecules…signal unique messages [to our endocannabinoid receptors] that [create] adaptogenic effects, meaning if the body is functioning too much, it pulls that function down, or if the body isn’t functioning enough, it pulls the function up, [resulting in] homeostasis.”

So if you’re wanting to make more conscious choices and overall, feel healthier and stronger, adaptogens are definitely worth considering – especially if you’re wanting to reset your diet pre-summer. Included in the e-book are tips to help with munchies, too, if you’re concerned about that.

‘Cannabis cleanse,’ might seem like a total oxymoron at first blush, but just consider the uber-popular Whole 30 diet, which is all about resetting our relationship to food by removing our emotional reliance on it and instead promoting deriving pleasure from other things in life – friendship, making art, etc. In many ways, this is exactly what the cannabis cleanse is about; promoting more sensory pleasure, making more mindful choices, and not relying on food and booze alone to make us feel good. Now this is a summer diet we can get behind.

Would you take the week-long cannabis cleanse challenge? Is your lifestyle already basically a cannabis cleanse already? Let us know what you think.

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