Your hit of cannabis news for the week of March 25th – April 1st.

1.CVS, the biggest drug store chain the States, just announced it’s decision to stock CBD-infused products. 800 store across 8 states will get the goods.

Man in White Denim Pants and Black Sandals Playing Golf during Daytime
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2. Smith’s Falls Golf Course in Ontario is set to relaunch as a marijuana-themed course this spring – ‘Rolling Greens Golf Course.’ Soft launch is on 4:20. Obv.

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3. What do we know about using pot while pregnant? Hundreds of health care professionals gathered to answer the question last week.

4. The man who co-invented Viagra is now making pot-infused lube.

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5. The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada is investing $1.5 million into cannabis research. Research will look into how pot can be used to manage the symptoms of MS, and its effect on the disease.

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