Your dose of cannabis news for the week of October 7th, 2019.

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Nearly 10% of Canadians say their employers allow cannabis use at work, and according to a new poll, about half of those who can, do.

A man is led away in handcuffs during a series of arrests at a Toronnto marijuana dispensary in April 2017.
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Only 44 Canadians have been given cannabis pardons under new system, which took effect in August.

A series of vape-related illnesses and deaths have caused states like Massachusetts to ban the sale of vape pens, which will cause people to return to the illicit market, where the harmful vape products are believed to have originated.
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“If policy makers truly want to eliminate vaping-related illnesses, the most responsible solution would be to fully legalize marijuana nationwide, and ensure robust regulation, oversight, and education for users of both cannabis and nicotine vape products.” Do you agree?

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Are you worried about edibles finding their way into your kid’s trick-or-treat bags?

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“Some Big Weed companies are so ‘eager to shake off the image of being high-end drug dealers’ their CEOs won’t even cop to sampling their own products. But others in the industry… will gladly tell you how and why they consume cannabis products, sometimes at the office, perhaps multiple times per day.” Is admitting to pot use good or bad for business?

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