Your dose of cannabis news for the week of October 15th, 2019.

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“One of the first things that comes to mind for me when I think about the last year is a reality check for everyone: consumers, the government, producers, the public markets.” Who is to blame for the fact that cannabis didn’t take off the way everyone planned?

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Who’s ready for pot delivery? Founders of a new cannabis delivery service set to launch in Winnipeg plan to use the Manitoba market as a test case for possible Canadian expansion.

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Cannabis is creating micro-booms in housing markets in smaller Canadian cities. Among them, Smith’s Falls, which is home to a cannabis facility owned by Canopy Growth and Leamington Ontario, where Aphria has a facility. Where’s next?

Weed workers across the States are unionizing, and California just passed a law that made it easier for them.

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Have you talked about cannabis with your doctor yet? One physician thinks you should.

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