Six of the trippiest coffee table books you can get lost in.

Work-of-art level coffee table books really do make any coffee table (…and their owner) look better. They create conversation and prompt lols and beat, any day, slipping into a Reddit scroll-hole. Gift a coffee table book – to a friend, or yourself, and give the gift of better mindless entertainment. Here are 6 of the trippiest coffee table books you can get lost in.

Overview: A New Perspective of Earth by Benjamin Grant (2016)

This collection of satellite images of Earth was curated by the Daily Overview Instagram project, an account that aims to inspire ‘the overview effect’ in viewers. This is the sensation astronauts have when they get to look down and see the Earth as a whole – they get to appreciate all of it in it’s awe-inspiring entirety. Trippy, high or not.

Dalí: Les Dîners de Gala, by Salvador Dali

For art lovers, this reprint of Salvador Dali’s cookbook, which he originally published in 1973, shows off the elaborate plans and prepwork behind he and his wife’s notorious dinner parties. Peruse his 136 recipes organized by course (including aphrodisiacs) and let his wildly imaginative presentation, illustrations and notes on things like dinner etiquette inspire your BEST munchies.

Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders Hardcover by Joshua Foer, Dylan Thuras,‎ Ella Morton  (2016)

This compilation of 700 of the most curious places in the world will truly stir your inner explorer (no matter how lazy you feel when you open it). Places like the glowworm caves in New Zealand, Galieleo’s middle finger encased in a shrine in Italy, the skeleton lake in India – these are unforgettable, even in book form. It’s fuel for your bucket list. And tonight’s stoned dreams.  

Sea by Mark Laita  (2011)

Journey to the deep via Mark Laita’s intimate photos of aquatic creatures. Photos are super intimate and vibrant and show the unique sense of character in pufferfish and jellyfish and sharks. It’s impossible not to smile looking at them, really. Flip through this when you want to shun all human life.

Viviane Sassen: Parasomnia Hardcover by Moses Isegawa and Viviane Sassen (2011)

The theme of these photos is parasomnia, a sleep disorder involving abnormal movements, behaviors, and perceptions. Pictures are taken in East and West Africa and just show people and everyday objects in some really weird – but beautiful, scenarios. This is a really unconventional treat for the eyes and the mind.

Psychedelic Sex by Eric Godtland,‎ Paul Krassner and Dian Hanson (2015)

This book captures the essence of the era between 1967 and 1972, when the sexual revolution intersected with recreational drug exploration to result in: “psychedelic sex.” Collected photos taken from men’s magazines of the time capture the no-holds-barred, free-loving attitude of a very colourful time. It’s a burst of free love. 

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