What do the cards reveal for your sign this month?

Summer may not officially be over yet, but the nights are getting crisper and afternoons a little more golden, reminding us that time is on the move. September brings a distinct fresh-start vibe. Now, the soup of the summer heat dissolves and life starts to usher us back into a routine. This is the month we start to clear out the old and get focused on our goals again.

Since the sun moved into Virgo last week, we’ve been under the influence of the impeccable purifier of the zodiac, who teaches us the value of creating effective daily systems and structures for success. The first half of this month gifts us the motivation get reacquainted with our planners, our Google Drive, and overall efficiency in all areas of our lives.

Our efforts to perfect our processes will be rewarded on the 14th when the full moon in Pisces illuminates the sky and our inner world. This lunation will allow us to see what, exactly, we’ve been working so hard for. On this day both Mercury and Venus enter Libra, the sign of the scales, pouring some grace and decorum over our day to day interactions. Set the intention for peaceful relationships with others and self – and consider it a warm-up for Libra season which begins on September 23.

The month ends with some lightness and a sense of possibility with a new moon in Libra on the 28th. This is a moon to feel hopeful for a bright harvest season to come. By that time, it’s possible we’ll likely have a different ideas of what our future will hold. September is a month to think about the changes we’ve made over the course of the year, and ultimately, who we are ending 2019 as. You ready?

Read on to find out what you can expect for your sign this month.

ARIES: Page of Pentacles

Aries, you’re well beyond trying to figure out what you want in life – however, you are only just realizing how much potential you truly have. This month, you plant one seed of intent. This seed is a new you. A new, upgraded version of your overall life. Make specific, tangible moves to invest in this new you. Into vision boards? Spark up some focus-inducing sativa and devote an afternoon to getting your long-term dreams on paper. Start there.

GEMINI: 9 of Wands

Feeling trapped in a box is crushing for your spirit, Gemini. So why do you allow anyone to make you think you must, in any way? Free yourself, and know that not only can you create an entirely unique structure for your life, you must. You have the experience and the wisdom to move forward your way now. September asks you to take a step back to reassess your boundaries, the way you give of yourself, and ultimately, your commitment to self-love. Your go-to CBD strain will come in handy.

TAURUS: 7 of Swords

woman walking on grass field

Are you sharing your whole truth, Taurus, or is part of you denying yourself the chance to really be seen? Making your dreams a reality is so much easier when you allow your full heart to be on board. Be honest about your intentions now, starting by giving yourself ultimate permission to feel exactly how you feel, to want exactly what you want. It’s your responsibility to honour this, and to give those around you a chance to honour it too. You might be surprised at how much support you receive. Now soothe those nerves with your favourite indica.

CANCER: 2 of Cups

The energy of love is all around you Cancer, and September wants you to be activated by it. How? Self-love. Buy yourself flowers. Take an extra long savasana. Load up your rose quartz crystal and meditate on this question: How can you truly see eye to eye with your nearest and dearest if you don’t also honour your own perspective, wisdom, ideas? Remember: You can only love another as much as you love yourself. This is your work this month.

LEO: 9 of Swords

woman resting her head on bed

You don’t need to subscribe to new age thought to see how your thoughts create feelings – states of being, distinct atmospheres, right Leo? Your mind is a powerful force. Acknowledge it this month. When your thoughts threaten to put you into a state of anxiety, don’t just reach for your bong. In addition, acknowledge it as an internal request for outside support. This way, you don’t have to be defeated by the lion inside you. That’s a force you want to work with.

VIRGO: Ace of Wands

What’s been glowing inside of you like an ember these past few days, Virgo? A new passion project? A new boo? This month sees you filled with inspiration and a sense of potential. What will you create, Virgo? Whatever you do, do not let this raw energy wither. If you’re not feeling particularly inspired or confident, create the space you would love to work in, be in, love in, if you were inspired. Don’t underestimate the power of structure and a plan. And a well-stocked sativa stash. 

LIBRA: King of Pentacles 

Why so serious, Libra? Maybe because you’ve really been seeing how much your hard work is paying off lately. Give yourself props for how much experience and confidence you’ve built upon over the summer. Evidence that you can, actually, trust yourself – how you work, how you spot potential and how you nurture it, is all around you now. Your kingdom is growing. Sit back, roll a joint, and plot how you will build from here. There’s nowhere to go but higher.

SCORPIO: The Empress

woman photo inside the forest

Sweet Scorpio, when was the last time you got in touch with mama earth? This month invites you to reconnect with the wildest, most free-flowing version of yourself, and green space can be a powerful influence. Let a trip back to nature remind you what real abundance is. Pack your bag with a journal and your pipe and stash and find a leafy spot to turn on your six senses (yes, six, Scorpio). Then, listen. Do you hear that? Your wise, intuitive knowing? This is your ultimate guide this month. Get in touch with it as often as you can.

SAGITTARIUS: 6 of Swords

Ships are safe in the harbour, but they’re built for quest, Sagittarius. Your next journey beckons you now. For this one, you don’t necessarily need to know exactly where you’re headed – all you need is an understanding of who you are at your very core, and what, exactly, you’re leaving behind in order to receive better. Take one mindful step forward at a time and work to cultivate faith in the act of making space for newness. This month, you will feel so much lighter.

CAPRICORN: 3 of Cups

You’re the strong friend, Capricorn – don’t wait for someone to check on you before realizing you could actually use some support. Whether it’s a vape break and vent sesh with a co-worker, a simple chat on the phone, or a hand handing out flyers for your open mic event, help from your community will be your saving grace this month. You might find it leads you to some potent connections, opportunities, or simply just a sense of joy. Let your friends lift you up.

AQUARIUS: Knight of Wands

Aquarius, September urges you to take the reigns of your passion and steer fearlessly toward your dream. This dream may be a creative pursuit, a spicy love affair, or business endeavour (or all the above). You have a fire lit under you this month. Move fearlessly toward whatever inspires your heart at any given moment and adopt a mantra like ‘I am fearless and unstoppable.’ Be an adventurer, Aquarius. It’s your time.

PISCES: Temperance

Oceanic Pisces, you know your extremes. You know your innermost depths, and you know your outermost limits. This month you are called to explore the middle path. Be gentle with yourself now. It’s time to think long term, think sustainable. What is it that you really just want, at the end of the day? Do that, but commit to doing it in a way that doesn’t compromise your physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual well-being. Something to think about over a session with a strain like Blue Dream.

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