Don’t have a costume yet? Here are 10 ideas inspired by this year in pop culture.

Halloween is just around the corner which means it’s time to start planning your costume, especially if you’re either going to a party or planning to host one. Can’t decide what to be? We’ve gathered our 10 of our favourite pop-culture inspired costume ideas for 2019. I mean, who can forget the Ken Bones of 2016? Hopefully these give you the inspo you’re looking for.

The Tethered from Us

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Apart from being a brilliant, mind-bending, freaky AF film, Jordan Peele’s second blockbuster Us makes for an excellent costume idea for you and three of your friends that most people will recognize and appreciate.

What you’ll need: red jumpsuits / coveralls, a large pair of shears, and a sinister look. Travel in a pack and chase after people.


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By now you’ve probably heard this term peppered into your regular YouTube / TikTok watching, or hashtagged on Instagram or Twitter. The VSCO Girl, 2019’s answer to the ‘Tumblr Girl,’ is characterized by a chill Cali girl aesthetic complete with scrunchies, Glossier cosmetics, a Hydroflask as well as a love for the environment and, of course, a penchant for the photo editing app VSCO. The VSCO Girl has become a cultural phenomenon among Gen Z-ers (and, by proxy, Millennials), in large part thanks to influencers like Emma Chamberlain (pictured above) and off-duty Ariana Grande. Did somebody say “and I oop”?

What you’ll need: white socks with Birkenstocks or white runners, a crop top and faded jeans / shorts combo, colourful scrunchies in your hair and on your wrist, and a Hydroflask.

Steve, Robin & Dustin from Stranger Things

Image via Netflix

Another one you can do with your friends, dressing as the heroes of Stranger Things season 3 is sure to invoke many a point and “OHHHHHH”s at any party you go to. The question is, who’s gonna be who?

What you’ll need: two sailor costumes for Robin & Steve and a bright graphic tee, a trucker hat and (if you want to go all out) a denim vest for Dustin.

Ashley O from Black Mirror

Image via Netlix

Hands down, the episode that stole our hearts in this year’s Black Mirror was the Ashley O / Miley Cyrus one, and her signature lilac bob is sure to be a conversation starter wherever you go.

What you’ll need: a lilac wig and a tight, white, bodycon top and bottom combo or dress.

Eleanor Crain from The Haunting of Hill House

Image via Netflix

If you’re a brunette, this is an easy and inexpensive but still dope costume. You’ll probably get recognized right away by people who are fans of Hill House – if not, you’ll still look creepy which is most of the point anyway.

What you’ll need: long, straight brown hair, white-out contacts and a flowy white dress.

The Derry Girls

Image via Netflix

If you’re a fan of Derry Girls (really, who isn’t?), another easy and reasonably cheap costume for you and your friends is their classic Northern Irish school uniforms and sassy personalities. Loudly chew some gum and add “like?” to the end of your every sentence, and you’re set.

What you’ll need: four friends and some schoolgirl uniforms.

A walking ASMR video

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Image via Paste Magazine

ASMR is a weird and wonderful YouTube genre that has absolutely obliterated the Internet over the past few years. By now, most people have at the very least heard of it, and many more are closeted fans (*raises hand*).

What you’ll need: different materials like felt, sandpaper, candy bar wrappers, whatever you can think of that makes a nice sound, to glue to your body. Rub said materials repeatedly throughout the evening and have others do the same (this will be especially fun and not at all weird once you’ve had a few hits), and throw some whispering, tapping and mouth clicking in for good measure. If you want to go the extra mile, carry around a portable microphone to amplify the sound. Viola, you’re a walking ASMR video!

Marie Kondo

Image via Netflix

Marie Kondo was a household name earlier in the year, and is still relevant enough to dress up as for Halloween. But if the idea if tidying things up everywhere you go sounds like a slog, maybe go for one of the other ideas.

What you’ll need: black hair with bangs, a preppy outfit, a colorful empty box, and a piercing smile.

Billie Eilish

Image via VOX

Ah, Billie, our latest favourite edgy, angsty, teenage pop star. No matter what your age, you’ve undoubtedly bobbed your head to Bad Guy at some point or another. Emulation is the purest form of flattery, so if you’re a fan of Billie, why not be her for a night?

What you’ll need: a black, blue or green wig (or any variation of the three), baggy clothes, plenty of chains and chunky rings, and a “don’t fuck with me” swagger.

Pennywise from IT Chapter Two

Image via Netflix

The second chapter of Stephen King’s IT recently hit theaters, so if you didn’t get a chance to get your costume ready last year, now’s the time! Most people, whether they like it or not, now have the image of Pennywise imprinted in their brain, so you’ll definitely get some head turns and likely some photos snapped of you.

What you’ll need: Pennywise’s outfit, a red wig, and a bit of reckless abandon. Cart your little brother or sister along, dress them in a yellow raincoat and give them a red balloon for the added wow factor.

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