Virgo season starts on August 23 – this is the time to get organized and refocused on our goals!

The end of August and beginning of September ushers in a distinct back to school vibe. This could have something to do with shift in focus coinciding with the sun moving into Virgo on August 23. Virgo, the meticulous earth sign, is associated with teaching, studying, clearing and organizing – any and all things related to getting your shit together.

Virgo follows Leo in the zodiac and so it ends the party of summer with a grounding reality check. Virgo wants to help us clean house, and our bodies and mental state! This is the master purifier of the zodiac which is as meticulous as it is concerned with the well-being of others. Virgo teaches us the value of taking care of our bodies and having daily routines that support our best lives. As a healer, master adulter and efficient af communicator, this sign knows how to get a job done with grace and panache. Here’s how we can best work with this season. 

Reassess your wellness game

What makes you feel really good and at home in your body, now? Chances are, not the same rituals, foods, activities that did during peak summer. As we head into the cooler months, think about recommiting to whatever you love doing for self-care now – whether that’s going back to your yoga studio or running group, or meditating on your balcony daily. Virgo rules the 6th house of health and loves the outdoors, and so movement, and being outdoors is salve for this sign’s tendency to overthink things. Virgo rules the nervous and digestive systems, so a mindfulness practice or your relaxation rituals are a great area of focus for this season. 

Use your words

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet, which makes it a gifted communicator. Anything you need to get off your chest? Virgo season can help you find the words to do so. This sign is hardly fazed by intense emotions, so if there’s something particularly heart-felt you’ve been meaning to say, you’ll be supported in pulling together your composure to do so now. Alternately if you’ve been putting off penning that intentional opinion piece or even starting your book’s first draft, Virgo season is here for it.

Plan the rest of your year

white planner with pen on top

Maybe you’re not the kind of person who plans beyond the weekend, but Virgo season may bring out your inner planner. This sign is immune to overwhelm and is the best short-term planner of all the signs. And, there are only 4 months left of 2019, after all. Start here: List all the things you must accomplish before the year is up. Maybe you need to finish your taxes or get a new health card. Maybe you want to actually start your book. These can be a mix of time-sensitive and creative. Then ask yourself: Are you set-up to do these things, now? If not, what small changes could you begin making right now? Virgo thinks very practically – break your items down into steps.

Learn your way around perfectionism

man and woman playing guitars

Virgo can be a perfectionist, which is, on one hand, how it produces impeccable work (famous Virgos Beyonce, Freddie Mercury, and Stephen King are testament to this). However, perfectionism can of course lead to analysis paralysis. If you can get into the mode of thinking everything needs to be perfect before you can act, or if it’s not perfect burn it all down, make this season about taming your inner critic. Adopt a mantra like ‘done is better than perfect,’ or ‘failure is a key part of success.’ Consider how much easier it is to hit publish, express yourself, show up for what you want when you put the focus on other people. Half the time we’re way more focused on ourselves than we need to be. 

Lighten your carbon load

Is your lifestyle really as green as it could be? The 6th house that Virgo rules is about health, but also the health of the planet we live on. To Virgo if it’s good for the body it’s good for the earth, and vice versa. Consider how you could go even greener by assessing your routines in each room of your home – your recycling / compost habits, your grocery list, your wardrobe, the type of candles you burn, how you clean your smoking accessories, etc. Every little bit helps, and Virgo knows better than any of the signs how real impact is all about consistent efforts over time.

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