Let your heart melt and listen to the latest single off the iconic artist’s upcoming tenth album.

Today marks the 52nd birthday of the beautiful being known as Björk! If you didn’t know, the musical goddess has a new album coming out this week, titled Utopia, which marks her 10th album. Get it girl! She first shared album cut The Gate about a month ago and now we have “Blissing Me,” a soft love ballad that will make even the coldest of hearts believe in love again.

Directed by Tim Walker and Emma Dalzell, the video was shot in a single take in Björk’s homeland Iceland. Her make-up is also done by Hungry, who’s been slaying all Björk’s bad-ass looks on this new album cycle.

Watch Björk’s video for “Blissing Me” below.

Utopia comes out this Friday, November 24th. Pre-order it here.