Things are not chill. Not chill at all.

Because it’s Friday the 13th and we all still think it’s spooky or something (guilty), Netflix has just dropped the final trailer for the highly anticipated second season of their hit original series Stranger Things.

We have literally been counting down the days until this moment since we finished the first season the weekend it came out and this trailer couldn’t get us anymore excited/scared/anxious/stoked. Like, actually, we can’t breathe. The spot opens with Eleven grabbing some waffles in the woods and then soon cuts to what’s been up with Will since he got back from the Upside Down. Things are not chill. Not chill at all. He’s seeing some shit and we’re guessing he’s going to have to defeat whatever this shadow monster/darkness thing is to finally put the Upside Down behind him. I also hope Eleven does a lot more bad ass shit, cause, let’s face it, Millie Bobby Brown is cool af.

Fittingly enough, the series will drop mere days before Halloween, on October 27. See you soon, Upside Down.

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