Maybe when they say to add spice in the bedroom they actually mean herb.

Anyone that has had sex on weed already knows: it’s amazing. It makes you feel confident, present, sexy, and every slight touch feels out-of-this-fricken-world. Don’t get me wrong, sober sex can have all those components too, but if you’re anything like me, it is few and far between because, well, life. For sex to be truly amazing, both partners (or just you, or all three, or four, or whatever) need to be present. As in, in the moment, as in, not thinking about those emails you didn’t answer or if it’s the bag of Chicago Mix you ate last night that is making you look so bloated. Before I admit to any more of my insecurities, here is a list of how weed makes sex super duper sexy.

Weed creates a connection between you and your partner(s)

Basically doing any sort of ritual with your partner(s) before sex can create a better connection between you, but as with most things, weed can make it better. Taking a moment to step away from your busy schedules and be in a space and moment together can create a mood where you both feel together and comfortable. This allows you to be more open and communicative with each other and the better you are at communicating your wants and needs during sex, the better it can be!

Try this: smoke a bit of weed with your partner and try eye gazing. Sit down naked in front of each other and stare into each other’s eyes for a while. Once you get past the giggling it gets intense.

Weed makes you more creative

You know how your thoughts just tumble when you’re high? That’s called hyper-priming and it’s a huge advantage for you to think creatively. Hyper-priming essentially helps your brain make associations that may not be obvious to the sober mind. So thinking of “bird” might make you think of “wing” or “eagle” but while high you would be able to associate “plane” which is a step further in the mental concepts. So obviously you won’t be thinking of birds and planes (unless you’re into that), but being creative during sex is always a plus since we’re creatures of habit and sometimes sex can be a bit of a routine.

Try this: smoke a bit of weed with your partner and take turns telling each other what you want to do with each other during sex. It doesn’t have to be some wild fantasy but talking about it can make the act super exciting when it happens.

Weed is known to be an aphrodisiac

In 1983, a study published in the Journal of Sex Research found that about half of all participants reported increased sexual desire for a partner they knew after smoking weed. The majority of participants also reported enhanced sexual pleasure and satisfaction. The participants tested were predominantly heterosexual, sexually active college-aged students (which is kinda like, duh, they’re always horny), but trust me, weed helps.

Try this: smoke a strain with your partner that tastes good and pair that shit with some chocolate or pizza or whatever you think is sexy. Some of the best tasting strains for me are Blue Dream (blueberry), Super Lemon Haze (lemons), and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (guess).

Weed relieves stress

Published last month in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, a team of experts from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), University of Calgary and The Rockefeller University summarized the current body of research on cannabis and anxiety. As it turns out — despite marijuana’s wide range of effects — relief from anxiety and stress happens to be the most commonly reported reason for using it. What scientists now know is that marijuana acts on a system in the brain called the endocannabinoid system which is believed to naturally reduce stress. We now know that THC acts on the same pathways of the brain, and both seem to hold promise as a treatment for stress and anxiety. So it’s no surprise that people who suffer from excessive stress are finding relief in marijuana, a phenomenon that scientists call “self-medicating.”

However for every awkward conversation about loving weed there is always a person that says “it makes me more anxious” and for them I’d suggest not smoking so much. All you need—if you’re a super lightweight like me—is one puff of a joint.

Try this: get high and watch something funny together for a bit. Laughing helps relieve tension and stress naturally, and will help weed do it’s job of making you feel like a chill, sexy mama (or papa, or person).