Their name pretty much describes who they are and what they are all about: smashing stigmas and hitting bongs.

If you’re someone who follows cannabis influencers at all, you’ve likely stumbled across Sue and Lee, the wholesome lesbian couple based out of Maine known to many as the @420oldfatlesbians. Their name pretty much describes who they are and what they are all about: smashing stigmas and hitting bongs.

It makes total sense that they have amassed a cult following of over 82 thousand followers. But when we chatted on the phone, Sue and Lee explain to me that becoming viral was really never a part of their – ahem – life plan. The couple, who have been together for more than 12 years were just trying to have fun, and to be honest – we’re so thankful for it.

Breaking The Stigma

“When we came up with the name, we thought to ourselves, how could we help remove all the negative connotations behind 4:20?,” Sue and Lee explain to Weedbox over the phone. For many people, the intersections of being gay or fat or smoking weed might be too much for them to handle, but both Sue and Lee mention that everyone who has reached out to them so far have been been very positive. “We’ve actually had a lot of younger people in the LGBTQ community reach out to us, just to tell us they are actually happy to see two older lesbians out there and living their lives and that it has really helped them,” shares Sue and Lee.

For the two of them, it was never supposed to start a movement, but show them living their lives. “We’re just fat and old, and gay,” they tell Weedbox over the phone and to be honest, that is half the appeal of the Instagram account.

Relatable Content, on Lock

Many of their Instagram posts are comical and honestly, truly relateable. One showcases the pair playing with their cat with the caption ‘Bathing our Pussy’ while another post highlights the two smoking vapes at Al Capone’s gravesite. If this isn’t the content you want or need, then honestly, what do you want? They tell me they don’t try to put a lot of thought into their content, explaining they want everything to come through as “fun, genuine and authentic.”

They tell me on the phone they’ve just wanted to normalize how weed culture is perceived, as for so long, it has been stigmatized in the United States. “You know, a lot of women would use wine for the same reasons that people smoke weed recreationally, and we don’t shame them,” Sue and Lee explain to Weedbox. They also tell me that it’s exhausting to see people be shamed for using cannabis as a medicine, noting “it’s kind of the same thing, you know.”

What’s Next?

Wrapping up our phone call, they tell me they are so grateful to have the following they have and try not to think too much about the future. We’ll probably see them kickin’ back on their channel sometime soon with a White Widow indica joint, just going with the flow. And to be honest, we’ll be right there with them.

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