The wait is over.

The wait is over. After almost a four year hiatus without any new music, R&B duo Rhye surprised us all by dropping two beautiful new tracks last Friday.

The first, ‘Please’, is a soothing song, and comes with a stunning accompanying music video directed by frontman Michael Milosh. The second track, ‘Summer Breeze’ is a lighter, groovier track that is exactly what you’d expect from the title.

Both tracks are a part of the duo’s new direction explains Milosh, ‘Because we play live so much, we’ve built this show that’s somewhat different from Woman. It’s a little more psychedelic. I wanted to bring that to the second record. I really wanted to incorporate much more soulful and earthy colors. It had to be all live percussion and piano. The human intimacy had to come through the actual instrumentation on this record. ‘Please’ is the stepping stone to where we’re headed.’

Listen to both tracks and watch the beautiful video for ‘Please’, below.

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